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Creating Soul Relationships: Living as Your Essence in Daily Life

by Deb Schnitta

A Soul relationship is the union of two Souls in shared purpose. This purpose may be brief or it may be the duration of a lifetime. When Souls come together in this way they share light and consciousness. They add the shimmer of their radiance to the connection that is forged. In doing so they experience a depth of connection that they could not experience alone. Much like a personality, a Soul seeks connection with others to know deeper joy and aliveness.

Oftentimes, we as personalities experience the joy of this connection as two Souls meet. It may be a sense of familiarity that goes beyond what has actually transpired already in the earthplane. It may be a sense of peace or a deep commitment to want to support this person in their life. Souls share light as part of building relationship. The personality, or partner to that Soul, shares time and enjoys the connection with the other person. Both the Soul and personality benefit in this experience.

The personality may be confused, not understanding the depth of connection in relation to how it has experienced relationships in the past. It will often search through its experiences, seeking to label this sacred connection in a way that makes sense to the mind. The labels of the mind often do not fit this Soul connection, and new constructs or ways of viewing the world must emerge.

Soul relationships are part of a path of evolution. The Soul returns to earth to experience the joys and experiences of being connected to the matter of a physical body. This includes the emotions and thoughts that arise as a personality is formed and learns to navigate the world in which it lives. Interactions with other personalities form the way the mind and ego of the individual view the world. These interactions lay the foundation for beliefs and expectations.

A child that learns that love is achieved only when a certain set of behaviors are present, such as being good, will fold this into their beliefs about relationships in general. Over its lifetime this person will recreate the opportunity to learn about these beliefs, to move past them and to see what else exists. As this transpires, the Soul is also learning. It is learning about being in the world as light tethered to matter. This is very different than simply a Soul relationship where the constructs of matter do not apply. In this way the Soul learns about incarnating, or being in form, through the interactions of the personality. As this transpires the Soul offers its support to the personality itself.

A personality supported by its Soul often sees the world from a higher perspective. If the union is less conscious for the personality it may simply feel a deep sense of support and comfort in a higher power. All the while the Soul connection continues to transpire.

However, the depth of a potential Soul to Soul connection requires a degree of suppleness and openness of the personalities involved. Without this at some point the evolution of the Soul relationship will stop. The Souls will continue to enjoy one another at this level, while the personalities involved have time to explore the impact of relationship with one another. Soul connections do not have a finite point of connection as an endpoint. With deepening awareness of the personality partner, the Soul relationship may continue to evolve transcending all limitations of personality.

These beautiful unions are most often seen in our culture with a guru or spiritual teacher. The guru, devoid of attachment as a personality, (not desiring a particular outcome regardless of the situation for instance) serves as an opportunity for the evolving personality of a particular Soul to experience connection. In this way the personality is able to experience connection, love and peace with less entanglement than it would with one who is still attached to outcomes. Often the personality describes these moments as bliss, being in a profound state of peace and a stillness of mind. If the personality remains fluid during this experience and opens freely to life being different immediately afterward, then deep transformation often occurs. The life of the individual changes in a fundamental way.

Each individual may also experience the depth of love and doorway to this life altering transformation by exploring their relationship to their own Soul. In doing so the personality learns about being supported, seeing the world from outside the duality of the mind as well as having the opportunity to release and heal issues from the past. The issues often keep the presence of duality (right and wrong, good and bad) in place and prevent the deeper experience of Soul connection and understanding. The more fluid or open the mind and emotional system are, the easier this connection becomes.