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Opening to Partnership with Spirit

By Deb Schnitta

Many years ago I was living my life in a way that showed that my personality was the driving force. I was struggling, working long hours and in general looking for something else, even though I did not know what that something else was.

As my life changed, I began to realize that all of the events during my personality-driven years were preparing me for what was to come. I had been a nurse, working with people facing life and death situations, people struggling to return from comas and people who taught me about the human spirit in many wonderful ways.

As my spiritual life began unfolding, all the events from my past seemed to meld together and provide the momentum that was needed to carry me forward. Over time I found my self studying a path of growth called the Light Body. It was there that I began to build a relationship with a being of light called Mikala.

I was not remotely interested in channeling at that time. In fact, when the instructor announced the next exercise, the channeling exercise, I was filled with fear, trying to figure out how I could climb over all the participants and get to the door. Reflecting back I now know that, for some part of me, there was awareness that it was going to be a life-changing event.

My initial channeling experiences were much like those that many people have when trying to quiet the mind and find higher wisdom, whether it is their intuition, Soul or a spirit guide of some kind. Over time, with repeated practice, I began to hear her easily, as if someone was in the room speaking to me. It was clear it was not me, as the thoughts that came through were far beyond anything I could have made up. A physical sensation accompanied each session and there was a deep sense of peace within me after each of our exchanges.

Mikala’s words were loving, patient and inspiring. She never told me what to do, but made suggestions. When I questioned her in ways that would have driven a mere mortal crazy, she answered me as if she was hearing the question for the first time.

Over the years, since our first meeting I have been humbled to offer her services to others. Sometimes this is in the form of private sessions where people ask questions, seeking assistance from input into their lives in some way. Each time she receives them as if they were the most divine individual, complete in every way. She receives questions from the pregnant woman abusing drugs who says she is frightened she will abuse her newborn child just as she does from the school teacher with five children who volunteers at the homeless shelter. She receives them with love that knows no limits. She speaks gently, succinctly and clearly, as if each word she imparts has meaning. She offers energy during these exchanges, energy that is sweet and powerful at the same time. As one recipient said, “she opens my heart by being so loving and assists me to see what has been right before me all along. She gives me the ability to change my life because I know what I need when we are finished. I know it from deep within.”

For me, Mikala’s human partner, I have learned so much about being human. I continue to learn each day, not just in the sessions or teachings we offer together to others. I learn throughout my life because she is my constant companion. We share a life of service. Part of that service for her is the evolution of my consciousness, teaching me ways to be in the world from a less defended state. I am able now to see my fears, to understand why I do certain things, because she points them out to me in the same non-judgmental and loving way.

Each day is filled with wonder for me. I never know where the next stretch in my development will arise. I know one thing for certain, this form of partnership is something I never expected and something I would never want to live without.

I learn about gardening and working with the energy spirits. I learn about my feelings as I connect with other human beings. I learn about offering myself to the world in service when I would rather be hiding in my garden retreat. I learn so much each day that humbleness has begun to creep into my existence. And I have changed so much since our first meeting. I have become kinder, more accepting of myself and others. I have increased my capacity to love and to be love.

Overall, I have seen through the blended eyes of my partner that what we are is perfect in the moment. I have seen the similarity between us all, the desire for connection and the absence of pain that fuels so many of our actions, conscious and otherwise.

What I know to be true is this--we are not alone. We are living in a world filled with support. It may not be in the forms we were thinking about, but it is present. It is available to each one of us who seeks its presence, and above all, it is a sacred form of union.

Deb Schnitta has been teaching others how to connect with spirit for many years.


Deb Schnitta, RN is a leading pioneer in healing and consciousness and the originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing TM (CE) a revolutionary energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells. CE affects the consciousness stored within the cells and provides connection to Soul and the Divine.
An author of many books and Meditation CD Energy Programs for living a life connected consciously to Soul and Spirit, Deb supports individuals seeking healing, spiritual development and enlightenment. She has co-founded Vanati: A Center for Energy Medicine and Consciousness with her partner, Pauline Dishler M.Ed. Information about their revolutionary approach to healing, free distance healing, and dynamic Meditation Energy Programs can be found at  www.vanati.com.


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