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Being Peace: Regardless of What is Transpiring Around You

by Deb Schnitta

When we come from our largest self, we are able to align with peace. As we learn to embrace being our largest self, we become peace. From here we generate peace and offer it out into the world. This is part of the path of enlightenment: to live a life of joy and expansion here now.

Embracing our largest self involves opening as a mind to the possibility that we are more than our minds. It also involves aligning with Soul qualities such as peace, love, compassion and generosity.

Often, as we go through life we exist in a state of reaction. Something occurs and with very little conscious effort, we respond. We respond from our history, from what this particular action has meant in the past or what it reminds us of now. Although part of the path of being a human being, coming from our past is not the expression of who we are in the largest sense of the word.

But how do we choose expansion and live and generate peace, no matter what?

In part this arises through intention. Choosing peace is a powerful choice, one that opens the doorway to never ending possibilities. When we choose peace we are saying to the Universe, “I remember who I am and I offer myself to the world.” We are saying we desire to be our largeness and not deny the past, but not live from there either.

When we do this, we step outside the limitations of the past. We are able to see possibilities. We align with our unlimited potential. From here, we open to being fed by our Soul. We open to the partnership of that presence and when we are ready, we allow what is guiding us from within to step forward.

Living a life of expansion occurs one choice at a time. Each choice enhances expansion or furthers constriction. No matter what is unfolding around us, a busy office, crying children, hectic holiday activities, we are experiencing a choice. The only choice evident to our minds may be, “how do I respond from my expansion now?” It may be that simply hearing the choice is the first step from disconnecting from past habituated patterns of response. This may be the biggest change in a single moment, to remember that we have choice. To pause from the events that are unfolding around us and with our next breath, ask the question, “What do I choose here now?”

When we choose in this way, we are stopping the repetitive stories of our minds about all the reasons why something must be a certain way. We are allowing the personality to breathe and remember that there is more. This is key to no longer repeating the past. It is also key to reaching our fullest potential in any given situation.

To help strengthen your ability to respond and create from your largeness and Soul, try these three simple steps:

  1. Begin each day in quiet meditation with your Soul. It does not matter if you hear or feel your Soul in some way. Trust its presence and commitment in your life. As you align here, allow your mind to quiet and your heart to open to the influence of your Soul. In this way your expansion feeds the parts of you that do not yet know how to choose peace, no matter what.
  2. Take time out from the busy pace of life to reconnect with your Soul. If you are about to engage in an activity that is historically challenging, take those few moments for connection before you begin. If you find you are already deep within the event or activity and have noticed your history repeating and the presence of not peace, step back, take a breath and reconnect.
  3. Remember to practice the exercise of gaining clarity. Ask yourself, "what do I know to be true right now?" Distill what is transpiring down to the smallest particle of consciousness. From here even things that looked completely overwhelming a moment ago are now evident as simple choices.

When we come from expansion, we expect to be supported. We open to the possibilities of life being different in the moment that is occurring, and we transcend our past. We choose peace, we align with our largeness and we offer this out into the world.

For those interested in creating life as the expansion of the Soul, we suggest Deepening Connection: A bridge to Soul mate Relationships.

Deb Schnitta, RN is a leading pioneer in healing and consciousness and the originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing TM (CE) a revolutionary energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells. CE affects the consciousness stored within the cells and provides connection to Soul and the Divine.
An author of many books and Meditation CD Energy Programs for living a life connected consciously to Soul and Spirit, Deb supports individuals seeking healing, spiritual development and enlightenment. She has co-founded Vanati: A Center for Energy Medicine and Consciousness with her partner, Pauline Dishler M.Ed. Information about their revolutionary approach to healing, free distance healing, and dynamic Meditation Energy Programs can be found at www.vanati.com

For more information about this article, email vanati@vanati.com.