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Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment

How can I reach spiritual enlightenment? is a question posed by many pursuing a deeper understanding of the healing arts and energy work. To support you on your journey to a deeper and stronger spiritual development, Vanati offers a unique line of energy healing programs that enable you to deepen your connections and find your inner soul.

Vanati’s revolutionary energy healing program, Cellular Expansion and Healing, is invaluable for spiritual development and offers support for connecting with your soul as well as life issues, health concerns and learning to live a life of joy and love.

It may be the emerging clairvoyance , the ability to hear guidance or the presence of peace that emerges from within that first gets the attention of the spiritual seeker. However, all of these are simply openings into the larger aspect of spiritual development and the expression of the soul and essence light out into the world.

As the teacher of this modality, I am constantly humbled at the profound transformation that I am honored to witness both during the practitioners’ training and for individuals receiving sessions or using our energy programs. CE holds the evolving student in a loving and inclusive way that encourages the deepest expression of each being out into the world.

I am constantly amazed at how beautiful the Divine essence in each participant is, and the moment of knowing that flickers across each person’s face when they feel this more fully.

CE supports the resolution of separation so that the Essence Self more fully guides the life here now on earth. The areas of separation may be old traumas, old thoughtforms or simply not knowing how to be the largeness that you are.

Spiritual Development falls into three recognized phases, all of which complement one another.

In the first, transforming the personality, an individual learns about his or her history, how his or her worldview was shaped and how that overlay still impacts on current life. During this time, issues of lack, anger, love and fear are frequent companions. CE moves into the root cause of these distortions and provides a framework for growth that allows the personality to let go of the past with great ease. From here the essence self can move more into the forefront.

The desire to start a new routine to enhance spiritual development may for instance be met with the resistance of, “I don’t have enough time.” Often the old routines, habits and perceptions which were birthed at an earlier time are simply reflections of an inner imbalance.

As the personality softens its hold on how it thinks the world should be, it begins to both relax and heal. Much energy is spent trying to keep things a certain way - energy that could be used for other things. As the personality begins to get to know itself more fully, it recognizes patterns and sees them more clearly. Here, responding from a place of reaction decreases and the movement into a place of more conscious choice begins to emerge.

As this happens, the mind of personality begins to question its purpose more fully. It wonders about its higher contributions and may even feel an inner pull to something larger, even if it does not know what that something is. This speaks to the second phase of spiritual development.

Purpose is the expression of the Soul. As the personality has slowed its habitual responses and looked deeper within, it has undoubtedly felt the aliveness and peace associated with the Soul.

The Soul returns life after life, incarnating to explore new horizons, it builds from past experiences and looks to contribute now.

A personality that aligns with this often finds great joy in service and resonates with peace in a different way. Life lived from this horizon is filled with joy and deep love. It is an expression of light in form.

From here, an individual begins to recognize that life is no longer limited to cause and effect. It is seen as an expression of creation, one in which the individual as a soul-infused personality is the author.

This expression of creativity is never a final destination. But rather an ongoing process of evolution continues to unfold.

At each step the personality chooses to engage, it chooses to create life differently, even if it is something as simple as deepening its capacity to experience the joy of its creations.

Life lived from here is a never-ending path of growth. As the personality gains experience in this process, it is able to join the larger flows of creativity and greater ease. Early days of struggle become a memory. Reflected upon with reverence, they serve to remind us of the sacredness of the journey we have come here to co-create.

Each of the two phases of spiritual development complements one another. The larger pull to join with the soul encourages the personality to release the patterns and constrictions that limit this. In turn the evolving joy that emerges allows for greater ease in everyday life.

The third phase of spiritual development speaks to world service. Although each soul has its contributions and expressions, the desire to join with something larger and have lasting impact is the distinction of this phase. Often the deep drive from within identified by the personality has been the response to the inner perception of this call. Life lived from here mirrors the inner growth that occurs as well as encourages that growth to unfold. Meditation, energy awareness and learning to create with energy are all necessary skills at this level as well as the second level of spiritual development.