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Vanati Energy and Spiritual Healing Courses
Our Energy Healing School offers leading edge training courses and healing classes for students seeking to live from an expanded state of consciousness, connect with their life purpose, manifest with ease, and open to unlimited potential through conscious Soul connection.

Vanati’s Energy Healing courses support you on your path of personal growth, spiritual development and enlightenment as you learn about the many benefits of energy healing.

Deb Schnitta, the founder of Vanati and energy healing course instructor, has developed a revolutionary approach to energy healing – Cellular Expansion and Healing™ (CE) that is taught exclusively at the Vanati Energy Healing School.
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Cellular Expansion and Healing Program
Called the energy medicine of the future, CE promotes healing and spiritual evolution at the level of the cells. Students learn to connect with unlimited Source, and in doing so find their own inner unlimited potential. More than a healing course, CE offers the opportunity to learn to consciously live as your Soul in all areas of your life.
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Energy Healing Graduate Program
Graduates of the Cellular Expansion and Healing program, deepen their exploration of expanded consciousness, manifesting and Soul and receive advanced level training in energy healing. The ability to hold the Cellular Expansion and Healing Energy is group settings, for distance healing and for working with children are explored. All areas of life are suitable explorations.
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