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Locate a Practitioner

Locate an Energy Healer

In addition to the founders of Vanati, Pauline Dishler and Deb Schnitta, there are other graduates from the Vanati Cellular Expansion and Healing Training (TM)  Program who are available to support your healing and evolution with this life- changing energy. 

Please note: ONLY people listed here are certified Cellular Expansion and Healing Practitioners. Should you have a question about whether someone is certified or not, please contact the office and we will be happy to confirm for you.

Those listed here are currently receiving new referrals. Each of the individuals listed here has completed a rigorous six-month training program to be able to offer the energy of CE and support healing in themselves and others. Many have other fields of expertise also, such as psychotherapy, medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy, athletic training and life coaching.

While we do not recommend a particular practitioner, we can attest to the level of excellence they have attained in completing their studies with the faculty of Vanati. Many of our graduates listed here have taken advanced training with us to be able to offer sessions at a distance. These are noted below with an * before their name.

In order to choose a practitioner, go inside and quiet your mind. Ask your own innate wisdom to guide you.

As your eyes glance upon the listing is there a name that seems to jump out at you?

Do not be discouraged if they do not reside in your area, check their name to see if they have completed advanced training for distance work.

Practitioners are listed here by name and phone number only in order to respect the confidentiality of our graduates and to provide you with easy access to them.

Please note our list is updated periodically as graduates are ready to accept clients. It was last updated in October 2021; however, is subject to change as practitioners relocate.


Nelson, Claudia   Scottsdale, AZ    480-505-9210 

*Meisler, Isabel    Santa Rosa, CA   412-780-0327

*Webbhiris, Sara N.  Denver, CO  617-794-2117

*Brenczewski, Kelly    New Lenox, IL   815-483-8941

Lynch, Chris     Joliet, IL     815-483-0557

*Sherrow, Renny   Chicago, IL  724 331 6616

*Santana, Adele   Cedar Falls, IA   319-266-1538

*Chapman, Jen     Arnold, MD             443-214-6939

*Fasick, Pat       Severna Park, MD    614-226-5409

*McNulty, Patti   Severna Park, MD    410-905-9509

*Myers, Matt      Severna Park, MD   410-818-0058

Young, Siobhan    Baltimore, MD       919-622-1604

McClunin, Liz   Mashpee, MA  410-980-7048

Landesberg, Hannah   New York City, NY  223-777-0967

Shannon, Jessie    Cortland, NY  607-279-7792

Hess, Vanessa   Lewisville, NC  336-945-4769

*Wettengel, Tina     Corolla, NC  412-523-2898


Fasick-Johnson, Julie    Miamisburg, Ohio    937-207-8408

*Heaphy, Terri    Dublin, Ohio    614-570-2714

*Adams, Jody         Greensburg, PA   724-850-7282

Adams, Kimberly   Mt. Lebanon, PA  412-215-6115

*Anderson, Suzan    Pittsburgh, PA  412-521-9204

Baker, Laura   West Newton, PA 724-787-1372

*Bonasso, Bridget   Pittsburgh, PA  412-508-7178

*Bourg-Giarrusso, Renee   Pittsburgh/Mt. Lebanon, PA 412-527-4841

*Brown, Wynne R.    Pittsburgh
, PA 724-329-4037

*Dishler, Pauline   Pittsburgh, PA  412-361-2300

*Dykstra, Carol   Pittsburgh, PA  412-589-2888

*Guyton, Jennifer  Canonsburg, PA  724-334-4167

Hanchin, Vikki    Pittsburgh, PA   412-241-7001

Johns, Judy A.   Plum Borough, PA 412-793-7802

Jones, Janis      Houston, PA         724-986-0560

*June, Kimberly   McMurray, PA    724-531-7219

*Karaffa, Cindi    Pittsburgh, PA    412-977-2140

*Kirich, Peggy       Bridgeville, PA    412-977-9153

Korkus, Suzanne    Cranberry Township, PA  412-512-2169

Landesberg, Hannah   Pittsburgh, PA  223-777-0967

Levy, Judith           Pittsburgh, PA   412-726-2659

Massung, Jeanine   Mt. Washington, PA  412-589-9119

*Mastrean, Joan   Pittsburgh, PA    412-670-5119

*Morrison, Abby    Pittsburgh, PA   412-363-1830                     

*Muse, Deb   Greensburg, PA         724-771-4775

*Nottle, Emilie   Pittsburgh, PA       412-592-1175

Papa, Joanna  Pittsburgh, PA  412-715-4235

*Paulsen, Pat   Pittsburgh, PA 412-337-2676

*Pickens, Laura   Pittsburgh, PA  412-320-9322

*Regan, Shirl     Coraopolis, PA   412-588-4466

*Reid, Carol   Ligonier, PA 724-238-5850

*Remic, Amy   State College, PA  412-508-0582

*Remic, Nikki   Pittsburgh (Regent Square), PA  412-242-4220

*Rogers, Laurie   McKeesport, PA 412-751-1132

Savko, Judith   Export, PA 724-744-7756

*Schnitta, Deb   Pittsburgh, PA 412-361-2300

Schrock, Tracy  Canonsburg, PA  412-298-1663

*Schwartz, Kristie M.   Cranberry, PA  412-265-7760

Shanahan, Karen Kaylor   Pittsburgh (Upper St. Clair), PA  724-941-7400

*Sherrow, Renny   Pittsburgh, PA  724-331-6616

Sims, Jennifer   Pittsburgh, PA   412-596-0822

*Smith, Geri     Pittsburgh (East End), PA    724-601-4033

*Tecklenburg, Dorothy   Washington, PA  724-225-6586

*Valley, Frank   Pittsburgh, PA  412-245-0225

*Wilson, Sherri   Pittsburgh, PA 412-523-2504

*Wright, Ellen    Pittsburgh, PA  412-367-9785 

*Klein, Logan     Franklin, TN   779-435-9030

Falek, Geri      Falls Church, VA  703-289-3054  

Fredette, Paula   Alexandria, VA  703-379-1046

Major, Sharon T.   Annadale, VA  703-698-6129

*Rice, Kenneth R.   Arlington, VA  703-527-0077

*Rice, Suzanne      Arlington, VA  703-527-7329

*Sherrow, Renny    Falls Church, VA 724-331-6616

*Studholme, Kelley   Woodbridge, VA 703-494-7699

Lee, Hyorim            Seattle, WA   206-743-2227

Dickens, Earleen     St. Thomas, Ontario   519-494-5599

Woods, Chris          Ottawa, Ontario      514-591-8726

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