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The Presence of Love: Reaping the Sweetness of the Divine

by Deb Schnitta

An open heart invites connection and allows the inflow of larger flows to enter freely. This larger flow includes abundance, Soul connection and wisdom as well as vitality for the physical body. This vitality is required for healing as well as spiritual evolution.

The heart has capacity that is never ending. As a connection to our spiritual energy, it supports the union of personality thoughts and desires and our largest essence. It allows the presence of Divine love, love without boundary and judgment, to exist. Each of us is a conduit of Divine love. As our personalities become more supple, less attached, the depth of the capacity to be an open conduit for this presence deepens as well.

A personality experiences life through eyes of understanding based on duality. It sees the world as right and wrong or good and bad. A Soul sees the world as a series of experiences. These experiences are simply opportunities for the Soul to learn about the world and itself in relation to others. It does not view these experiences as right or wrong.

When the personality is supported in understanding a life experience through the wisdom of the Soul, it has the opportunity to shift the way it views not just the experience, but the world as well. This expanded view is a shift in orientation. For a moment, the personality has opened to its larger partner, the Soul. It has experienced life in a new way and if it is willing, it has allowed its own understanding to evolve. Learning in this way, seeing the world through the eyes of the Soul, is part of the evolutionary path of humanity. To be our largeness in any given moment enhances not just our world view, but allows our hearts to exercise the capacity for the presence of love.

The personality heart is changed in these moments of expanded world view. Having a glimmer of the larger dynamics and flows that are unfolding allows it to step outside what it knows. In doing so, the personality heart releases judgment. It no longer seeks to be right in a given situation. It also does not need to stop the inflow of incoming energy and consciousness. In this way the personality heart moves a step closer to its true purpose, being a conduit.

Most often, the exchanges between people that provide this evolutionary opportunity are greeted by our personality hearts. We respond based on our history. If we have been hurt before, we may hold others at arms length to avoid being hurt again. Even if what we deeply desire is the love and connection that is waiting right before us, we may not open to its presence. The personality heart allows the inflow of what it recognizes and dismisses what it does not know. It does this not as a function of being a conduit, but rather from the place of defense.

Each time we engage with the world around us from our largeness we bring more of who we are to the exchange. We step outside our history and recognize that this is not the only worldview that exists. In doing so, we embrace our largeness and recognize that in each given moment there is the opportunity to evolve who we are, to step outside the comfort zone of the personality and reach for what is next. When we move outside our patterns of defense, we increase the presence of our largeness in each exchange. This largeness is who we truly are; it is the expression of our own divine essence here now.

To exercise the personality heart increases the capacity to experience our largeness. It is a direct opportunity to consciously choose to be our largeness. If we greet an exchange with another from this place, we have in that moment opened to the heart being a conduit. We have opened to the presence of love.

Love has the capacity to heal what has been buried for a long time. It touches others in a way that nothing else can. In the presence of divine love, the healing is profound. It transcends words and invites forward the Divine in others in that moment.

Divine love is part of the construct of the Soul. It exists within each one of us. As we move more fully along our evolutionary path we recognize not only the capacity of this love but also the impact it may have. We choose to exercise the personality heart consciously, so that we may increase our capacity to offer this love to the world.

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