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Deb's Bio

Deb Schnitta - Vanati FounderDeb Schnitta, a contemporary spiritual teacher, illuminates the Soul and helps the personality open, connect and heal in a way that is profound, palpable and real.

All of her teachings embody this truth: We are each unlimited potential here to create.

The originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing™, a revolutionary approach to Soul connection, healing and transformation at the cellular level, Deb offers seminars as well as Healing Energy Programs that can be used in the comfort of your own home to support your personal transformation, spiritual evolution and healing. Deb offers a limited number of distance-healing appointments for both adults and children who desire support with healing and life issues.

A gifted channel and clairvoyant, she has been working for over twenty years in the fields of self-growth and consciousness and assisting others in their evolution. She is particularly drawn to areas of consciousness that affect our human bodies and quality of life in the world. Bridging to her solid foundation in nursing, Deb offers a unique understanding to how the body heals.

Compassionate and open hearted, she has learned much through working in partnership with higher consciousness. Through this connection, she has learned about her own humanness as well as the divine order of life events, a higher emanation of our lives beyond the limitations of matter. It is with this perspective that she assists others along their path of growth.

A Registered Nurse by training, Deb uses her skills of subtle energy perception to teach others about their inner possibilities, whether that is about healing illness in their own lives, supporting others to heal or learning about how to live life more fully.

An accomplished author, Deb has written books on healing, using energy in business and opening to guidance. She has also pioneered energy programs to support healing, spiritual evolution and living life from a place of ease. One of thirty healers chosen from a national search to participate in a university-based double blind study on the effects of long distance healing and AIDS, Deb enjoys contributing to the understanding of energy and connection as a way of life. Her revolutionary experiences with healing are frequently noted in magazine articles and books about healing, including the recent book by Lynne McTaggart, The Field  which looks at the scientific basis for energy healing.

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