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Energy Medicine

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."
~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist

What is Energy Healing? Energy Healing Research Resonance - Harmony and Wellness How Does Energy Healing Work?
 Research Resonance How?

What is Healing Energy?
Healing Energy is the energy of a particular frequency or set of frequencies that stimulates the body to return to or maintain a state of balance. Balance is required between all aspects of the human system - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual - in order for health to exist. Balance may be thought of as the absence of constrictions, whereby energy (the basic unit of life) is able to move freely throughout.

Every part of the body forms a continuously interconnected network or web. Each component of the body is immersed in and generates a steady stream of vibratory information that signals all activity taking place in the body at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Energy and information moves in and out of these interconnected channels of the body, bringing with it consciousness as well as history of previous stimulation (physical, mental or emotional experiences). Thus, an event is not a separate occurrence but one that exists as part of the larger whole.

Complete health corresponds to total interconnection. Physical or emotional trauma impairs this connection, as does a sense of disconnection from the larger forces that exist beyond the personality (God, Source etc.).

Research Over the Past Few Decades Clearly Demonstrates:

  • Living organisms have biomagnetic fields around them
  • These fields change from moment to moment in relation to events taking place inside the body (the fields reflect the changes occurring at a cellular level
  • These fields give a clearer representation of what is going on in the body than classical electrical diagnostic tools such as the electrocardiogram (which records the electrical activity of the heart) and the electroencephalogram (which records the electrical activity of the brain). This is largely due to the fact that the Human Energy Field reflects more than one frequency and the electrical diagnostic equipment that is currently available can only detect one range of activity.
  • All parts of the cellular matrix set up vibrations that move about within the organism and radiate out into the environment.

Resonance Definition
Resonance is the key principle that Vanati uses in creating useable materials to affect life change and development.

Resonance - a shared experience of aliveness that creates the opportunity for health and well-being to be present

When resonance is present, there is a sense of harmony and openness with the world, that can be seen through your life experiences and interactions with others.

Energy is extended to your system, guiding your cells to resonate at the highest level possible. Often cells that are ill or constricted in fear are not resonating as clearly as possible. Through using the Vanati principles, energy is delivered directly to the cells where it is needed.

Each aspect of development has both a mental and emotional component. These are housed within the physical matrix of the body and may even be causing discomfort such as patterns of tension and holding or illness. It also has a larger component that is connected to your own higher consciousness, the aspect of you that functions beyond the rational thinking mind.

How does this work?

  • Much deeper than visualization, our process bypasses the mind and moves directly to higher consciousness, through what some refer to as an altered state
  • Using Cellular Expansion and Healing energy that goes directly to the cells and is offered in a receptive neutral way, each of our energy programs supports lasting change.
  • In this expanded state of awareness, next right steps, support for development and overall peace are easily accessed.
  • Many report that insights and breakthroughs arise quickly and easily, something that years of introspection and even therapy have not been able to accomplish.
  • The Vanati process is available in home study programs as well as live classes.

Each Energy Healing Program has a specific topic designed to support your evolution and reflects one of Vanati’s core values -- everything we offer is useable for creating lasting change.

Included with each home study program is a book that teaches you how to apply the principles and energy into your daily life.

"I spent years going to sit with a Guru. Although I experienced profound insights and change while there, I was never able to recreate that inner connection and alignment until I found the Vanati programs. Now I am able to live my life from here." 
- KJ, Chiropractor

"I recommend them often to clients. For those that desire to move through life's challenges with ease, these are a must!"
- KM, Therapist

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