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Graduate Classes
Embodying Your Soul
A one-year graduate course to learn about living
from the state of Cellular Expansion™

Embodying Your Soul deepens your capacity to connect, live and create as your Soul as well as exponentially move past where Mikala has been able to take you each so far.  Building from the platform of expansion that you experienced in the One Year Program, Deepening Capacity, Purpose will take you further into the evolutionary process of being a Soul as your conscious, waking place of orienting in the world.

When the Soul embodies, it does so to express its Purpose.  You have learned with us that just how that Purpose is expressed varies.  A Soul here to contribute hope may do so in many forms, for instance.  With Mikala's support of Deepening Capacity, the deepest expression of that Purpose is possible.

As the personality becomes more supple, more of the Soul's light is embodied.  Life begins to flow more easily and aliveness moves to the forefront.  The personality is also supported in seeing the world as an experience of creation rather than through the filters of polarity, history or limitation.

Living as Your Soul, aligned with Purpose allows for the deeper capacity of your largeness to be in the world as your expression of who you are in all of your creations.  The relationship between Purpose and Deepening Capacity is symbiotic, the more aligned in Purpose as we teach it, the Deeper your capacity may be.  And the richer your Capacity, the more Purpose is expressed.

Deepening Capacity allows for the deepest you to emerge.  The aspect of you that is not limited by your history, by the constructs of the mind and what it believes is possible, move to the forefront of daily life.  It invites this largeness into the world and builds the infrastructure needed for this you to be your operating platform.  Creating from here, living from here, and being of service from here are all part of the evolutioary platform of CE and the evolution of humanity.

Purpose allows for your Deepest Capacity to be the operating platform in all areas of your life.

This course is ONLY open to students who have successfully completed the Purpose training.  Class meets four weekends a year in person from 10am-5pm (ending time is approximate). Attendance at all four weekend classes is required.  There is no distance option available. Extension students will meet the Friday before (10am-5pm).

2018 Class Dates:

February 3-4, 2018
April 7-8, 2018
July 14-15, 2018
December 1-2, 2018 

Tuition: $400.00 each weekend ($600 for Extension students). Tuition is now being processed online 2 weeks prior to each class weekend.  A payment plan is available.  
Please note there will be additional class material required throughout the year which will be an additional cost if you do not already have the energy programs.

Deposit of $250.00 and Registration form are due by: January 10, 2018. Use online form for registration.

Location:  Kearns Spirituality Center, 9000 Babcock Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA. The Kearns Center is a beautiful retreat center run by the Sisters of Divine Providence.  The energy is solid, spacious, very sacred and inviting.  

Please note:  For GPS purposes of locating Kearns, use the address 900 Babcock Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Registration:  Due January 10, 2018.  Registration is not complete until both deposit and registration form are received via online process.

Please click here to register with secure online payment.