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Evolve to an Integrated Perspective
As the human body becomes more supple, it creates a venue for more light to enter its cells. This light brings consciousness and with it the opportunity to approach life from a higher, more integrated perspective. Allowing for the changes that occur in the personality creates a doorway for the Soul's light and wisdom to be present. This higher perspective begins to change how you view the world and those around you.

Being in contact with this higher wisdom begins to create the need for a process of support that allows the energy of your spiritual body to enter into the systems of your personality structures so that there can be an integrated and expanded view and expression into the world. Focus is given to areas of thought or mental construct, emotion or feeling constructs as well as the physical body itself. Transforming beliefs around how the fields of energy interact with one another as well as the realms of possibilities that are available are explored.

Spiritual evolution implies that you are willing to engage with life from the level of your Soul and you are desiring to move forward with your Soul's path in this incarnation. This energy program provides a foundation for viewing life from this perspective.

It is highly suggested that you use one of the three programs for PARTNERSHIP before you begin the processes contained in this volume.

This program includes eight (8) guided meditations with energy transmissions, transcripts of each meditation and written teachings that are not found on the recordings.

Available Evolution Programs:

Each program that we offer has a gift of light that is held within the stable framework of the recording itself. This light is alive and vital and touches you each time you listen to the words and energy that are offered. This is a very effective and efficient way of supporting growth and change. Light enters matter where there is an opening. You create an opening through your interest and your desire to live life in a different way.

As you grow, the ways that you create openings will change. Each time you choose to come from a higher perspective in any given situation, you are aligning with your Soul and Greater Consciousness. You are strengthening this bond that exists and providing the opportunity to move into a more conscious state of alignment. You could live your entire life from this place of connection. It is rich and full and filled with ease and flow. It is similar to the way that light beings respond and support one another.
When you align with your light and higher wisdom, you create the opportunity for all those around you to be touched in this same way. You create the vision for others to see with; you allow your gifts to be present in the world.

Most of us learned to be in the world from the place of our personality, learning to respond to others in this way, to survive and to exist. When you come from a place of alignment with your light, you move outside the patterns of responses of the personality and come from a place of spacious, peace-filled beingness. You offer your essence, your true nature, instead of your defenses and coping strategies. You give to others freely and you extend your light with each thought, with each breath, with each glance of your loving eyes.

Each program we offer encourages this alignment. It provides the opportunity for you to be held in a spacious way, to relearn this way of being and to remember more fully who you are.

Greetings from Mikala
Welcome! What a great joy and honor this is to have this opportunity to share words and energy with you. I am a being of light, what you might think of as an angel. I exist in the planes of light, beyond the planes of light where you exist as a Soul and Greater Consciousness. I offer teachings to those that are drawn to begin to enrich their lives and move more fully into alignment with their higher power, their greatest expression of their Soul's light in this lifetime.

Each teaching that I provide is intended to support you in several ways. First, at the level of the personality, providing support for your mind, your emotions and your physical body to release old patterns and learn new ways of being in the world. Second, at the level of your Soul and Greater Consciousness. I am a teacher for your Soul, which also grows and learns while you, as a personality, are growing and evolving. Your Soul becomes more radiant and luminous when touched by the light that I offer. The light supports the evolution of your Soul, allowing it to move along its spiral of evolution.

Your Soul works as a filter, drawing to it what is needed for your support and growth and allowing what serves you best in that moment. Many of you have beings of light such as myself that are waiting to be your guides and teachers. Part of our work is to support these connections happening in a fluid and efficient way.