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Cellular Expansion and Healing: Creating Ease, Health and Connection

by Deb Schnitta

Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE) is energy medicine that supports healing and change at the building block level of illness, the cells. Through affecting held patterns of consciousness within the energy system itself, CE supports the body's true nature, the call for balance. Through the exploration of what is needed for the body, mind and spirit to return to balance, lasting change and healing occurs.

Cellular Expansion and Healing opens the practitioner and client to exploring consciousness and the presence of profound love, connection and support, qualities often associated with the Soul or divine presence. When a client chooses to receive CE to support life they are in effect choosing to open to their deepest nature, their inner abundant connection to source. They may initially be drawn to CE for a physical ailment, such as cancer or the desire to create life differently. Each time a person chooses to engage with the energy of CE, whether in a session with a trained practitioner, in their own home through our energy programs, or as a practitioner accessing the energy for everyday life, they are saying to the Universe, I choose to create life in the highest way possible in this moment.

The energy of CE is palpable and consistent. A gentle energy that goes directly to the source of the issue or underlying cause of illness at the level of the cells, CE is most often associated with a profound state of peacefulness. Clients often report a level of relaxation not previously experienced before. It is this place of openness, of ease and receptivity in the body that allows for the profound transformation often seen with CE.

The body, as a repository for all life experiences, stores the consciousness associated with the life experiences in the cells. These conscious and unconscious memories and impressions shape how we view the world. We may, for instance, desire to create a relationship. We may think about creating a relationship. We may focus on the longing for relationship. We may feel excited about the prospect of having the relationship in our lives. And yet, the relationship does not come to fruition. Why?

Beneath the surface of the whys and longings are the beliefs and impressions associated with having a relationship. The unconscious orientation of the mind as an expression of our consciousness is very powerful. Learning about these beliefs often begins the process of opening to forward movement to create what is desired.

Each of these beliefs, impressions and desires exists as energy; energy that is stored as consciousness within the cells. To offer the energy of CE directly to the cells allows this consciousness to transform, to release its position of constriction in the cells and open to expansion or freedom of movement. When this occurs, the cells can then open to what is next. In turn the consciousness is affected, and the mind, as an extension of that consciousness begins to view things differently.

What has been necessary for the change to occur has been present all along. Held beneath the surface, much like a bud encased in ice, it has been waiting to be released so it could unfold. CE provides the stimulus and loving container for this unfolding to occur naturally, easily and with support.

By the time the mind is aware that its thoughts are different, much change has already occurred in the cells and in the stored consciousness. The body has begun to open physically and emotionally and creates space for healing and change to occur. This is necessary for change to actually happen. Without it, we are stuck at the level of the mind hoping for something to be different, and not “understanding” why it is not.

CE provides profound consistent access to the stored consciousness within the cells. It invites the cells to open, and through its respectful nature, encourages them to move more fully into expansion, where constriction is not necessary.

Each time a practitioner offers a session to another person or living being, they are bathing their cells in this same energy. They too are having the opportunity to be held in inclusive respectful energy. The results are life changing. As one practitioner put it: My life has changed so dramatically since studying CE. In the beginning I was aware of being my personality and witnessing my Soul as something separate from me. Within the first weekend, my personality stepped back and welcomed in my Soul. By the end of that class, I realized I was my Soul; saw the world from my Soul, loved from my Soul. Since then life has become Exciting! I am creating from ease, learning to fall back and wait for the natural order of the Universe, and above all, remembering who I am.

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