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CE and Healing

Cellular Expansion and Healing (TM)- (CE) - a form of energy medicine that supports healing and change at the building block level of illness - the cells and opens you to your deepest spiritual connection.

Finding Balance
Through effecting held patterns within the energy system itself, Cellular Expansion and Healing supports the body's true nature, the call for balance. Through the exploration of what is needed for the body, mind and spirit to return to balance, lasting change and healing occurs. Cellular Expansion and Healing moves to the source of imbalance in the cell and provides nourishment, balance and healing where needed.

Balance, or the absence of competing forces, is present when illness is absent. When illness is present, energy is spent attending to the competing elements. These competing aspects tie up the natural resources of the body and constriction results.

Releasing Constriction
The energy of CE invites the constriction to unwind, flow returns, balance is restored and change has resulted. Illness resolves as the content of the kinks or distortions also resolves. Examples of the content could be about making choice to attend to your own needs or allowing others to give to you. It is highly individualized for each person and arises organically as part of the process of CE. The energy of Cellular Expansion illuminates the content and supports the aspects of you that are ready to connect to make choice and impact the world as you have created it.

Healing, the body's return to balance, involves the alignment of the internal aspects of energy, your thoughts, feelings and impressions, with the external, how the world impacts your own energy. True healing then is not just the absence of disease, but the presence of a life filled with joy and aliveness.

CE is recommended for those who desire to:
•    Achieve balance and health (mental, emotional or physical) and may not be responding fully to traditional treatment
•    Create a project, job or partnership from an expanded state of connection
•    Explore mind/body connection and how it can impact their lives
•    Move from a feeling of being stuck to aligned purpose
•    Augment their daily life with wellness and with energy
•    Accelerate their spiritual development

Please contact us to discuss how Cellular Expansion and Healing can play a vital role in helping you reach your goals and personal development.

Deb Schnitta, RN is the originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing (R) directly oversees the training of all practitioners.

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