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Making Conscious Choices

Learning to Create with Energy

by Deb Schnitta

We are creating all the time, mostly unconsciously.  We move about the day in habituated patterns and actions. How many things did you do today on the way to the office while in the car or bus? How many do you do without even thinking, seeming to be on autopilot?

We ask the mind to multitask in order to accomplish more, to be more efficient. When we desire to move to a more conscious state of creativity we must first learn to create the environment for success. Having quiet that breeds clarity requires concentrated time without distractions. This may occur while walking in nature, sitting without distractions over a cup of coffee or any other moment that brings pleasure and relaxation.

In deepening our capacity to learn to create what we desire in a conscious fashion we align with our higher power. We open to our deeper wisdom and access a profound state of creativity.

To start the first process is to gain clarity about what you seek. If for instance you are desiring to create a new job you might be tempted to simply write down I want a job as __________________ for this much money.

Although this is a good beginning, it is useful to take this process to a deeper level of clarity. What are the qualities that you would like to be present at this new job? For instance do you want to travel? Is location significant to you? What about the environment where you will work?

In gaining clarity it is useful to move beyond the orientation of task to the place of joy. Joy opens the possibilities of creating more than is currently present in your life, no matter how wonderful it may currently be. Often it is helpful to think about other examples in life where you have had joy. What are the qualities that were present in these exchanges? The format or events that contributed this joy maybe very different. For instance your mind may focus on the feeling of joy while talking to a dear friend. Although this is not the same topic as the desire to create a new job I this example, there is useable energy here. What are the feelings or qualities you experience with this friend? Perhaps it is you feel very received by this person. Is this a quality you would like to see in your new job as well?

Write these qualities down. Continue to do so until you feel complete. Leave the list and return to it a few days later. Add any other thoughts that may arise. Reread your list and see if these qualities still apply. Cross any off that do not.

Following this process assists the mind in gaining greater clarity about what you would like to create or manifest. In this way you support the process of creation from your highest capacity; you bring more to the equation as the process gains more consciousness.

Everything exists as energy. Each quality that you have imagined and written down for instance exists as energy. Writing them down brings them more into your awareness. You may actually begin to notice these qualities appearing more frequently in relation to your desired creation or other areas of life as well.

As the next step in the process of creating consider adding the following process to your growing list. Ask yourself this question, what do I know to be true right now? If for instance you look at your list and see a number written down as the desired salary range, Is it a number you are ready to receive? This is different than desiring this amount. Is there a place in your energy body that is open to receiving this energy from the Universe?

The physical body can offer great clues to where or not this opening exists.

To access this awareness and open even greater possibilities for success in your creations, begin by quieting the mind. Take a few deep breaths and go inside.

Imagine the thought; what do I know to be true right now? In relation to the topic you are seeking to create a deeper level of clarity.

Be patient and wait for the thoughts to arise in your mind. From a deeper place of connection within yourself your thoughts will be simple sentences. You may hear things like I really want this much money. I know I have never made this much money before. I know if I had this much money I could relax and breathe more in my life. I know I am a little nervous about this much money.

The mind will continue to illuminate what actually exists within the energy body itself in this fashion. If you begin to hear more complex thoughts, such as qualifying examples or stories, then you know you have drifted back to the mind and are no longer accessing the deeper places of consciousness within.

Simply take a deep breath, close your eyes and fall back gently to this place of wisdom once again. With practice this becomes very easy.

Repeat this exercise for each quality that you have written on your list. Notice whatever is revealed from your deeper self.

As you continue to consciously create what you desire keep returning to your list. Notice the qualities that you have written down. Bring them consciously in to your awareness and imagine them in your life right now. This strengthens your connection with what exists as energy and where you are right now today. It brings them more fully into your life.

It can be frustrating if your creations are not appearing as quickly as you desire. Return to the exercise what do I know to be true right now. From here you will find the next place of consciousness that needs to transform to assist in your creations manifesting. Each layer of consciousness within us houses great potential. Gaining clarity in this fashion not only illuminates what is present beneath the surface but allows the liberation of this stored energy as well. Each time you engage in this process you develop a deeper sense of awareness with your higher power. You open to the possibility of creating a life of joy in all areas of your life.

To support this process of creation and transformation you may like to add the Vanati Energy programs Receiving the Energy of Connection, Extending the Energy of Connection to an Area of Your Life and Exploring Transformation to your skills of using energy to create and make choice. Used in combination they offer a powerful way to support the personality while opening to what is next and transforming what no longer serves you. Any one of these would be a useful addition.

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