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Manifesting Life Work: Birthing the Gifts of Your Soul

Manifesting Life Work: Birthing the Gifts of Your Soul

Manifesting Life Work: Birthing the Gifts of Your Soul
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Life work is the Soul's expression in physical form. To align with the soul and learn to actively create what is needed for this is the focus of this eight (8) meditation energy program. From here you are learning to consciously participate in the manifestation of your life goals and purpose from a higher place of energy. The yearning felt by the personality to know its purpose" is a reflection of its awareness that there is higher meaning and energy available for life. This purpose is the Soul's expression or contribution to humanity.

Different from a particular vocation, life work is an opportunity to learn about yourself and provides the framework for uncovering your deepest self, your Soul's light. Moving into alignment with the awareness assists you to draw to you what serves you, whether this is clients you are here to serve, vendors needed for your business or any other mechanism of support.

Manifesting your Life Work is a journey of self discovery. Teaching you consistent ways to connect with your Soul's light and new ways to see yourself from this expanded state invites in the largeness that is you in all areas of your life.

This Energy Program Includes 8 Meditations:
Absorbing the Light of Your Soul
Gathering Tools for Life Work
Patterns of Consciousness
Streams of Probabilities
Business as a Field of Play
Energetic Expansion in Everyday Life
Becoming Patterns of Outflow
Exploring Rhythms of Creation

Useful for:
Discovering purpose
Learning to use energy to create
Building conscious connection with your Soul
This program includes eight (8) guided meditations with energy transmissions, transcripts of each meditation and a separate book to assist you in implementing these skills into daily life.
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