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Shifting Orientation

by Deb Schnitta

Each time the personality explores moving into connection with the Soul, it is also poised at the doorway of shifting its orientation. In fact, moving through this doorway is key to allowing the personality to blend more fully with the Soul and begin to see the world in new ways.

Orientation is the viewpoint the personality holds. It is created by life experiences and beliefs as well as the constructs of the personality itself such as the emotions, thoughts, etc. This orientation allows the personality to engage in the world in a way that makes sense to it. Understanding in this way breeds comfort, comfort that is necessary for the personality to be willing to engage. Although a personality will often move outside its comfort zone, it still begins with a clearly defined element of comfort in order to know what it will and will not do in a given situation.

Orientation is the larger collective of all the elements of consciousness that help create the viewpoint of the personality. The orientation is as unique as the individual itself. Consider this example. In the northeast where we live, spring has just started to emerge. Driving in a car with a friend, she exclaims with great excitement, look the grass is starting to turn green. Her whole body relaxes and her heart opens as her face is filled with anticipation. Relief pours from her cells. The next words uttered are, “Thank goodness winter is over.”

My mind is surprised by her response as mine had just been feeling the excitement of gardening. The barely evident green tint to the grass means soon I will be touching the earth, tending long lost friends. My mind swirls with possibilities of new garden projects. I can feel my body lift with excitement as the smells of mulch seems to eek out of my cells. Two very distinct experiences instigated by the same small stimulus, new green grass.

The personality uses these small places of orientation countless times throughout the day. They exist largely in the unconscious recesses of our systems until we begin to illuminate their presence. Connecting with the Soul illuminates these elements of consciousness like nothing else can.

The Soul itself has its own elements of consciousness that create the orientation of the Soul. From here the Soul experiences the world as a series of experiences and opportunities. It does not experience disappointment when we the personalities and stewards for the Soul do not engage in a particular way. Rather the Soul, through its orientation, knows this is but one moment and opportunity among many potential opportunities that will arise. As such, the Soul dwells in the orientation of probabilities. It does not know lack as part of its experience, but rather orients from abundance.

Often the first element of Soul orientation that the personality experiences when it connects with the Soul is peace. While it is true the personality may experience peace on its own, the element of peace experienced through the doorway of the Soul is very different. It is often so profound that the very orientation of the personality itself is able to shift. This shift in orientation toward deeper peace often intrigues the personality and propels it forward to desiring further connection with the Soul. This first glimpse into the profoundness of the Soul is a shift in orientation as well. Often, up until this moment, the Soul is seen as something outside of you, rather than something that is you.

To view yourself in this way takes a lifetime of practice. Having had countless times of orienting as a personality, the old habits associated with the personality such as lack and struggle slip back in with barely a moment’s notice. The practice is to notice each day from where you choose to orient. The moment you recognize thoughts of lack, struggle or polarity you know you are hearing the voice of the personality. From here you can only orient from the past.

A deep breath, a momentary pause from the current conversation and an opening of expansion through the heart all allows this to change in an instant. Here in the stillness of your mind you begin to recognize the harmony and peace that is present. Still orienting as a personality, you notice thoughts associated with whatever event has just been transpiring. They may seem to be deeper thoughts connected to self responsibility and openness to things being different. Awareness as a mind often occurs here, as the a-ha moment forms.

To allow the orientation of the Soul to move to the forefront takes the repetition of the above process over and over again. This practice allows the personality to open to what is next in an integrated way. The integration allows the personality to change how it views the world, and encourages the changes that have occurred to become lasting. In this way, the personality freely chooses to open to expansion and allows the largeness that is you to guide the daily choices.

During the process of accelerated growth associated with the study of Cellular Expansion and Healing, the participant moves into direct alignment with the Soul. As this connection occurs, a deep blending is evident. From here the presence of neutrality, deep Soul love as well as compassion and non-attachment all emerge.

As the personality is held in this way, the need for separation from the Soul begins to dissolve. The personality learns through the direct experience of the Soul that limitations, whether they are of the mind, the emotions or the body simply serve to slow down the amount of blended union that is available.

Each emersion into the energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing allows the participant to take a deep breath blended as one--Soul and personality infused together. It is from this blended union that the path of conscious choice to orient as a Soul here now upon the earth emerges.

Those interested in becoming a Soul infused personality might wish to explore the upcoming course, Cellular Expansion and Healing.

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