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Creating with Intention: Harnessing the Power of the Universe

by Deb Schnitta

When the mind begins to recognize it would like things to be different, a huge opportunity has been born. Without the interest or curiosity of the mind, there can be no forward movement. Rather, issues such as forgetting, not finding time for something new such as meditation, or belaboring what does not work all come into play. The mind must be willing for something to be different before it can be.

Let's assume that your mind does want something to be different. It might be that you want a new job, more money, a relationship that feeds you, health and vitality, etc. How has your mind arrived at this awareness?

The mind creates most often through the experience of what it does not want. It recognizes dissatisfaction, it yearns for more, it is unhappy with the status quo. The mind orients through good and bad. It sees situations as falling into one of these two categories. Once the mind determines it is dissatisfied with where an aspect of life currently exists, it can begin the process of determining what it does want, or in the framework of the mind, what would move it from the bad to the good category.

From here the mind has two choices: it can invite things to be different or it can keep them the same. Each action taken falls into one of these two categories. Being dissatisfied with something is not enough for change to occur. An individual can be very aware of their dissatisfaction and yet not encourage things to be different. The frustration may grow and yet things remain the same.

When the mind recognizes dissatisfaction in a particular area of life, it also must envision what it would like for that area to evolve. This can be thought of as a goal or intention. To intend for something in particular to manifest involves connecting with the energy of the Universe to support that desire. Intention is a powerful link between the mind of the personality and the larger structures of an individual that know already how to create using energy.

What allows the intention to fully manifest is the presence of trust and non-attachment. If, for instance, an individual is expecting a particular outcome, he or she may not see all the other options that arise. Rather, because the expected outcome does not appear exactly as the mind had envisioned, the mind determines something is wrong. Often frustration sets in, and the mind begins to doubt the process of intention and manifesting. It may even believe that this is not possible, having not yet fully understood the process.

Consider this example. On a recent trip to a beach resort for a conference (which fits my intention of being in lovely places at the right time of year) I wanted an ocean front room. I knew that I would have considerable time in-between commitments and wanted to enjoy the ocean as much as possible.

Knowing that there were very few ocean front rooms at the conference price, I set my intention and took action. I phoned immediately, only to find that there were none available. Disappointed, I enquired about the regular room rate and was told it was over two times the conference rate. I resigned myself to an ocean view room and decided I would continue to use energy skills (including intention) to see if I could manifest an ocean front room at a good rate.

I watched my beliefs surface.  I noticed where in my body I could align with being supported. I envisioned relaxing to the sound of the ocean while sleeping. I could feel the capacity of opening to being fully supported emerging from my cells.

When it came time for the conference, I arrived at the resort only to find out that there still were no ocean front rooms available. I inquired as creatively as possible to see if there was not some way for this to occur. There was not.

Well, I reasoned, as I walked to my room, here I was at the ocean enjoying the beauty, sounds and nature. As I walked onto the balcony I looked with envy toward the ocean front rooms. There they sat, directly over the outside grille on one side, with billows of smoke emerging making it impossible for windows to be open. On the other side sat the nightclub, complete with neon lights and no doubt a fair amount of activity that would have made it impossible to sleep to the sounds of the ocean.

I smiled in knowing gratitude for how fully supported I was, here on the balcony with a perfect view of the ocean. Directly below was a beautiful koi pond which afforded not only a fountain but opportunities to observe birds and wildlife at close proximity. I could not have picked a more perfect room.

When we discover what we desire and take action to achieve that intention, we may be surprised at the form that creation actually takes. Opening to the influence of the Universe requires suppleness of mind as well as a willingness to surrender how we believe things must be.


Deb Schnitta, RN is a leading pioneer in healing and consciousness and the originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing TM (CE) a revolutionary energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells. CE affects the consciousness stored within the cells and provides connection to Soul and the Divine.
An author of many books and Meditation CD Energy Programs for living a life connected consciously to Soul and Spirit, Deb supports individuals seeking healing, spiritual development and enlightenment. She has co-founded Vanati: A Center for Energy Medicine and Consciousness with her partner, Pauline Dishler M.Ed. Information about their revolutionary approach to healing, free distance healing, and dynamic Meditation Energy Programs can be found at  www.vanati.com

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