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Transforming to Your Greatest Potential
As you explore your personal and spiritual growth, the need for support of the personality will arise. Without the suppleness and willingness of the personality, there can be no forward movement. Your personality has been your driving force in many, if not all, aspects of your life. As you enter into a place of growth, the tendency can be to discount or attempt to dismiss the personality and its contributions.

A light being, a Soul or any other expanded state of consciousness needs a foundation to interact with and move through. The human personality is one such foundation. As the personality grows and has the opportunity to transform limiting beliefs, there is even more room for the Soul's light or the energy of a light being or teacher to be present. Transforming the personality to one that is open, non-attached and fluid is key.

Many times people think of trying to erase or get rid of the personality or aspects of it that appear less than desirable. This is one approach but it is not very effective. Each aspect of the personality has a contribution to make. In addition, each aspect, even those that seem prickly and irritable, have units of consciousness or energy to offer to your path and growth. Transforming these dense patterns of response and reactivity offers a greater return of light to the composite you. It also arises from a state of inclusivity rather than fear and judgment.

Any area that is less harmonious than what you desire has the potential to move into this process of transformation. Allowing its unique contribution to be received, as well as the energy that it carries, opens the doorway to an abundance of light that may be used for other areas of creation.

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This recorded meditation and booklet provides a doorway into the process of transformation. It is designed to allow the student both mental awareness of the process of transformation as well as the energetic skills needed to merge with and transform what is currently present. This program allows for tremendous change to occur in areas where previously there may not have been much movement.

With repeated use, the student learns how to access this energy and begin to make choice about how to deal with life issues not previously seen as malleable. As the transformation energy becomes more familiar, the student may move toward the awareness that all aspects of life are mutable and all situations and circumstances are powerful vehicles of creation with much useable energy available.

Transforming limiting beliefs occurs regardless of the area of focus that you choose, as the suppleness of the mind is enhanced with this tape. As the mind becomes more supple or open, there is a greater likelihood that surrender will occur with ease.

This program is an excellent choice if you have found yourself recreating patterns throughout your life or experiencing a state of feeling stuck with no forward movement. It is designed to support the novice and advanced practitioner in realizing their full potential in each life experience.

This program includes a guided meditation with energy transmissions, transcripts of the meditation and written teachings that are not found on the recording.

Transforming the personality allows for a softer supple base to approach the world and those around you. It invites in the higher consciousness that is you and honors all of your gifts and contributions. A personality that is supple has a place of ease and joy in interacting with others. There is a sense of center that is not easily swayed by the dramas or needs of others. This center gives rise to a greater base for your Soul and Greater Consciousness to connect and be supported by. From this place, a composite structure of light and consciousness is available to explore life and offer your Soul's essence out into the world.

When the personality is transforming constricted areas, it is supported and given just what is needed for the next part of the process of unfolding. Allowing becomes the focus rather than struggle and effort. A personality that is conscious allows for greater influence of the Soul's light in all aspects of creation.

We use the energy of Transformation to illuminate old patterns of constriction that prevent a fluid and supple approach to life. This source of light supports old structures melting away, much like molten lava merging with organic material. Transformation creates a great degree of openness. That openness may then be used to create whatever shifts or change is desired.

In this program set, we focus on transforming limiting beliefs, the energy of anger, issues of money and poverty consciousness as well as health and patterns of disease. The aspects of change that occur create the stage for an ever-deepening relationship with your Soul and Greater Consciousness as well as suppleness and ease with being in the world from this expanded state.

A unique offering, it complements all other energy programs that we offer.
This program set includes eight (8) guided meditations with energy transmissions, transcripts of each meditation and written teachings that are not found on the recordings.

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