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The Role of Consciousness in Illness and Life: Moving beyond the Mind

by Deb Schnitta

Much attention has been turned to the mind and its abilities to influence the reality of life. With the recent excitement about The Secret, people are learning or reacquainting themselves with the concept that thoughts influence reality.

Many of you, no doubt, have been practicing these principles for a long time. You have learned through cause and effect, that how you think about yourself and the world around you matters. Viewing any situation as a learning opportunity may be part of how you live your life.

Any tool to assist the mind to come to clarity about what it desires to create is useful. It serves to shape the thoughts for expressing intention to the Universe. In effect, the personality begins to recognize its ability to shape reality in this way. It learns to ask, to recognize where it is and is not ready to receive, and to move outside its comfort zone to realize its potential. All of these actions serve to assist the personality to recognize that there is more to you than just the personality, that we are beings of consciousness.

Thoughts arise from conscious and unconscious patterns within the body. Stored experiences, impressions from family and society, as well as beliefs that are cultural, all add to how the mind views reality, and thus what it believes is and is not possible.

Many years ago in my early nursing career, I worked with a physician that believed that people could recover from brain injury. He devised a systematic approach to stimulating the brain to promote wellness. His success rate was staggering with a population for which there was little hope. I joined his beliefs and they quickly became my own. I watched as brains that did not function became functional. The overarching belief of the system was that cells in the brain could take on new functions not previously ascribed to them, that they were flexible.

Moving beyond this belief, what I came to know to be true was that new brain cells could develop as well. With the addition of Cellular Expansion and Healing, I witnessed new growth where previously there had been profound damage. By addressing the consciousness of the individual and their health challenges deeper change and healing occurred. 

In record time new neural connections evolved. Speech developed where there had only been silence, higher thought and reasoning replaced the ability to follow simple commands. This early exploration of healing shaped my world view of illness and the potential of the human body and consciousness. It directly impacts the work I do today both with healing complex illnesses such as autism and how I teach others about the world of matter and consciousness.

I, as a mind, did not set up to move beyond the initial belief offered to me. Rather, simply through observing consciousness, I witnessed what unfolded. My experience was so direct, so real, my mind did not question it. Instead, my mind updated its reality with the new thought form, “new brain cells are able to develop”. As I followed the pathways of energy and consciousness I “knew” what to do next for patients, what would help them evolve and heal. It wasn’t until this same physician questioned how I knew what to do that I realized something unique had been unfolding.

What I learned was that what I do not know is more significant that what I do know. Operating from only what I knew limited the palate of discovery. Opening to what I did not know meant I was surrendering to something higher than my mind, that had direct access to unlimited potential, knowledge and compassion. I was in fact learning to be my larger self simply through the discovery of the unknown.

Each time we learn to open to our largeness we ask to be of service, to have impact in our own lives and in the lives of those around us. More than the mind directing reality, we step into the experience of who we are and embrace the world from there. We learn to be who we are, as composite beings of thought, emotion and energy.

Shaping our clarity, through thought, desire and understanding helps us as personalities move forward into the realm of consciousness. When the mind has some degree of comfort it will then be more willing to leap into the unknown, to realize its full potential.

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