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Helping the Personality Choose Ease: Inviting Higher Flows

by Deb Schnitta

When given the choice between ease and hard, the choice seems rather obvious. Yet life as a personality is created through trial and error. This implies that the choice, although obvious, is not the one always made. Why? What compels the personality to effort and struggle? Why would we as human beings of choice desire options that represent lesser flow?

As personalities, we exist in polarity. We learn through right and wrong. As minds, we categorize life events as good and bad. When we step outside the confines of this polarity we have entered into the domain of higher flows. It may be that our minds view a moment from a larger perspective. Or that our hearts open to the compassion of our Souls when faced with challenges with a loved one. But how can we make this perspective common ground, a pervasive companion in our daily lives?

To begin, we must first recognize that all of life is choice. This choice may not always be conscious; it may exist outside the boundaries of our awareness. It is, nevertheless, choice.

We may choose the hard road simply because it is familiar. In some ways it is easier to the mind to continue as it has always known a situation to be, rather than changing the course of action. In this way we persevere, often from the orientation of survival. We are in this moment reaffirming our commitment to exist as personalities. We have forgotten our alignment with higher consciousness.

When we step outside this orientation, we are saying to the Universe, I desire to create in a different way. The orientation of the Soul is to create from a place of ease. Each time we, as personalities, use intention to align with ease we strengthen our connection to our Soul. Each time we recognize we have not made a choice consistent with ease, we provide the opportunity to stop the habituated patterns and realign in the larger flows.

Use the following exercise to deepen your awareness to this evolving skill of consciously choosing the orientation of ease.  Begin with setting your intention each morning to create with ease. Throughout the day, fall back and disconnect from the busy pace of life. Take a few deep breaths and reconnect with your intention for ease.

At the end of the day, reflect back on the events that have transpired. How have the choices you have made today added to the presence of ease? How have they detracted?

Each time we recognize the choices the personality makes, both conscious and unconscious, we learn about ourselves more fully. We may recognize that we are not yet using all of our gifts. We may notice previously unseen opportunities and open to the largeness of what waits. In this way, we align with ease, we recognize choice and we expand our awareness to include all the parts of who we are.


Deb Schnitta, RN is a leading pioneer in healing and consciousness and the originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing TM (CE) a revolutionary energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells. CE affects the consciousness stored within the cells and provides connection to Soul and the Divine.
An author of many books and Meditation CD Energy Programs for living a life connected consciously to Soul and Spirit, Deb supports individuals seeking healing, spiritual development and enlightenment. She has co-founded Vanati: A Center for Energy Medicine and Consciousness with her partner, Pauline Dishler M.Ed. Information about their revolutionary approach to healing, free distance healing, and dynamic Meditation Energy Programs can be found at  www.vanati.com.


For more information about this article, email vanati@vanati.com.