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Deepening Connection - A Bridge to Soul Based Relationships

Deepening Connection - A Bridge to Soul Based Relationships

Deepening Connection - A Bridge to Soul Based Relationships
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As the Soul comes more into view as a conscious aspect of life, things begin to change. Life viewed from the personality alone is very different. Often seen through cause and effect, struggle, domination and will, the approaches to life and goals come from one vantage point. Although effective at some level, there are higher ways to view and live life.

With the Soul as your partner for this life you begin to see higher purpose or reason in life events, including your own choices. Viewed from here things that previously had you react from old history or patterns of overwhelm simply are seen for what they are, one moment in a larger scheme of life. It is not that you no longer care about what has transpired, it is that it has moved into perspective.

A bridge between the personality and the Soul is necessary for ongoing deepening and access here. Often the mind thinks the personality is less than the soul. This is not true. Each has strengths and contributions and complements each other in profound ways. Without the personality the soul simply could not have impact. The bridge of connection that is forged here assists in integrating the changes that occur as well as providing a stable point of reference for the personality so that it does not feel lost in the process of development. It is key in spiritual development as well as simply living a full and rich life here now.

The second in our Life Enhancement series, Deepening Connection builds from the skills acquired from using our energy program, Manifesting Life Work. It is not necessary to use them in this order. If you have been drawn to this title it may be that aspect of learning and healing offered here will prepare you for deepening your soul connection even further.

As you continue to explore your Soul as a conscious aspect of who you are in the world, relationship becomes more significant. Learning to create patterns of conscious relationship from a perspective of light evolves as you begin to become more Soul based in your explorations.

Releasing old patterns of relationship from childhood gives way to a rich and supple playing field from which to create a higher place of resonant relationships. Soul based relationships are free flowing, loving and creative. Whether you are seeking to create a Soul based partnership for business, family or as a foundation for a guide or teacher, the processes contained here will support that evolution.

Each meditation builds upon the next, with your personality being supported in its exploration of how to live from a Soul based perspective as well as learning how to hold more of your Soul�s light. As this capacity grows, the ability to resonate and offer your light out into the world also grows. Soul based relationships become the foundation for all areas of expression in the world.

Through using these teachings you will support your ability to connect more deeply with your Soul. As this deepening occurs you will have the ability to learn how to expand, open and blend with another from this large and supple place. The focus of your connection could be your own Soul, a guide or teacher or any other Soul based relationship. Care is taken in the written teachings to support the personality and its understanding of this level of relationship.

This Energy Program Includes 8 Meditations:
Discovering Yourself as Light
Deepening Awareness
Exploring Light
Aligning with Soul Purpose
You as a Container of Light
Easing the Veil of Separation
Trusting Connection
Connecting with a Being of Light

Useful for:
Resolving past childhood hurts and traumas
Building conscious relationships in all walks of life
Learning about the Soul and its offerings
Spiritual development
Accessing higher consciousness for life work, healing, etc.
Building a bridge between the personality and the Soul
This program includes eight (8) guided meditations with energy transmissions, transcripts of each meditation and a separate book to assist you in implementing these skills into daily life.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Deepening Connection A Bridge to Soul Based RelationshipsI have experienced a new awareness to my inner being, a loving connection. As a result of this loving expression within myself, my relationships have taken on a new direction. There is far less, if no, discord or stress as there once was. I feel at peace in my actions and in the exchanges with a friend or stranger. Written by Renny Sherrow on Thu 21 Aug 2008 5:06:12 PM GMT
Felt the TransformationI could actually feel myself transforming! I could feel light moving through my body and opening space for what is next. Written by Suzanna on Mon 4 Aug 2008 7:30:22 PM GMT
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