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One Year Graduate Program

One Year Graduate Program

One Year Graduate Program- Living from Expansion
Class Dates: February 28- March 1, 2020 AND TBA

Course Description
In this program, students will explore the foundation of living life the expanded state that was realized in the first course. This program takes the student to an advanced level of understanding and provides additional transmissions to support the personality becoming suppler and open as well as the opportunity to practice these skills in a live format.

This graduate level of study is available to students who have successfully completed the first level of Vanati Energy Healing Programs, Cellular Expansion and Healing. This year's offering is new and offers material to support evolution that has never been taught before. Students that are eligible should have received an email with course description and invitation. If you did not receive one and are a current Vanati CE graduate, please contact the office for assistance.

Immersed in the energy of Cellular Expansion, you are given the opportunity to learn about connection in a deeper way. With this stable base, you have the opportunity to enter into deeper union with the aspect of you that knows already how to live from this expanded state.

Connecting consciously with this aspect supports the unfolding necessary to be able to hold the spaces of Cellular Expansion in everyday life. Whether you seek to learn to hold the space for others to make a shift in their lives or you desire to build this space of peace for yourself in everyday life, the skills required are the same.

Core Competencies Obtained
After completion of the  Graduate Program, the student will be able to:

  • Hold this space while engaged in conversation with others
  • Live connected to this state of peace
  • Open space for others to make shifts in their lives from a non-bodywork orientation
  • Access this energy as a base from which to create, whether it is writing, music, dance or any other form of expression
  • Work consciously with situations from this perspective
  • Provide distance healing

Program Schedule
Class meets TWO three day weekends a year, with transmissions in-between to assist your further development. Additional energy programs are used between classes to create a more stable base of accessing this energy in a conscious waking state.

Each weekend, you will learn skills that enhance your current understanding of the Cellular Expansion and Healing space.

The Student Experience
Upon completion of the One Year graduate program, students have experienced an array of life-enhancing changes. The following statements have been collected from our graduate students when asked how their life has been affected by the program. Here's what they had to say:

"I live from a space that integrates my energy self in my thoughts and actions. I live consciously."

"I am more expanded and I live living my life from this state."

"Less reactive in relationships, come from a more expanded, less personality, space."

"The foremost are a sense of confidence in who I am, more ease in life, and more peace in life."