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The Three Pillars of Evolution

Three Year Program:
The Three Pillars of Evolution :
Opening and Aligning with Larger Consciousness
Living a Life of Ease, Abundance, Joy and Purpose

True creation is a divine act of will from the higher spaces of consciousness beyond the personality. It is not a place of willing or making something happen that suits you. It is a state of being that allows the higher aspects of the Universe to flow through you as a conduit. With practice, you may touch into these streams of consciousness and affect your entire life. – excerpt from the book Soul Connection: Opening to the Source of Connection.

The Three Pillars of Evolution go beyond where CE can take you. Mikala and I will use the profound framework of CE to get you there, hold you there and teach you how to get there on your own. They are three distinct energies and states of being that serve many purposes, not the least of which is the alignment with your authentic self, removed from the limitations of unconsciousness. They are new and part of Mikala's commitment to the evolution of humanity.

WHAT does that mean?

It means that through the doorway of light and consciousness that we will hold open for you each, you will be able to move into your next alignment with who you truly are...WITHOUT the drama of the personality. Yes, the personality still exists, it always will. But with this energy it easily opens to IT'S next level of transformation and joins the larger flows as well. This allows for deeper connection with your Soul, but also for WHO you truly are to be the guiding force in your life.

Who you truly are is the expression of your light, your purpose and your essence light.

Through this opportunity in daily life you will see things such as:

• Having a deeper sense of self. ( personaity, Soul and Essence self)
• Knowing more fully what you want.
• Not losing yourself in response to others.
• Not creating from habit or acting rotely in situations.
• Being more adept at manifesting and creating.
• Instantaneous transformation of old layers of consciousness. (You know, the things you catch yourself doing, again...and hear yourself saying REALLY???)
• Seeing in the moment what is unfolding from higher purpose, for yourself and others. This is profound in areas of service and life work.
• Living from an Open Hearted State, moment by moment.

In your Spiritual Bodies/ Energy Bodies exploring the Three Pillars opens things such as:

• Greater physical ease and healing and
   Deeper Emotional healing and resolution
• Inner peace
• Feeling the distinction between your emotional system and your energy system.
• Greater capacity to hold more of your Essence Light.
• Deeper Union with your Soul.

This second year is about becoming more fluid in living as your larger consciousness, through the evolution of the personality but also the Soul.  Without the framework of the First Pillar this evolution would not be possible.  And this year, as the solidity of the group evolves, we hope to teach you how to access this energy on your own, not in service to others, but as a touch point of consciousness for your own orientation as a Soul and Essence Light.

As you become more fluid in this way the Soul itself evolves exponentially.  And as the Soul evolves, the personality aligns in its role of partner with the Soul.  All things we described in the first invitation are the out picturings of this state of connection and being.  I have included it below for your ease.

I am most excited to have this opportunity to share this energy and the amazing benefits with you each. Previously Mikala felt that there would not be an audience for this level of expansion for another four years, but you, as a group moved so solidly through Divine Purpose that we are able to offer it now. Even if your mind is still thinking you are not sure how to use what you learned last year, you will be able to move into this revolutionary offering with ease. Mikala and I have spent countless hours building energetic infrastructure that supports your success and access, just like we did in creating Cellular Expansion and Healing. If you can get to the Master Cell, and don't remember the skill Natural Knowing, we can take you to this next level. In fact, the Master Cell and everything we have taught you so far becomes even more solid in this energy, so you may find yourself being drawn to play there even more than you have already.

For class there may be two new Energy Healing Programs required:

Living as Your Soul 
And One other that will be determined after the second class weekend, based on where the group has progressed.

2015 Class Dates:  March 28-29; May 2-3; August 15-16; November 14-15, 2015

Attendance at all classes is required, there is no distance option.
Class meets each day from 10-5pm. (ending time is approximate and may go a bit later at times)  Extension Students meet the Friday before from 10-5pm.

Registration and a 250.00 deposit is due by: FEBRUARY 20, 2015. Using this link.   

Tuition: $400 per weekend ($600 for Extension students) plus $250 deposit with registration.

There is a payment plan, details may be found here. Please note, our payment plan option has changed.