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Connection-the glue that binds us all

Finding Connection in Undiscovered Places
by Deb Schnitta

Each of us begins life seeking connection. We return to earth as Mother Theresa has said, “to love and be loved.”

We learn through childhood and interacting with the world around us strategies for obtaining connection. We also learn strategies to avoid connection.

The moment we choose physical form, we open the gates to learning. We create the opportunity to learn anew, to remember what we new before or to evolve what we learned last into a new, deeper version of our truth. We connect with ourselves as consciousness before as a mind we even know what that means.

As we move through life, we experience joys, excitement and separation. We learn about love, we learn about the conditionality of connection. We begin to internalize the world around us and make choices. We may not hear the voice of the part of us that does not want to get hurt again, that is bewildered in betrayal. We simply make choices that express these thoughts, this consciousness out into the world. In this way, we learn to disconnect rather than to rely on our largeness for truth.

This does not mean that the events did not transpire as the mind viewed them, that the hurts did not occur. But at this point life can only be viewed through the doorway of the mind, what it knows, what it perceives and what it fears will occur. We may hear ourselves talking to others about our experience, so that we may understand it more fully.

When we slow this process down, we hear our deeper truth. We hear the capacity of the heart and the human spirit all at once. We see each situation from larger eyes, and as such, we open to greater possibilities.

This does not mean we cast aside what the mind and personality has experienced. Rather we embrace it. We witness the impact of the painful moment, the missed opportunity, or an event that did not go as we had hoped. We feel our experience as it unfolds, recognizing its significance.

And in this moment of awareness, we realize there is more. There is so much more to us than this one part of our consciousness that is hurt or longing. There is so much more to us than this place in our history that keeps replaying over and over again.

In a moment such as this, a glimmer of awareness begins to emerge. Birthed in pain or disappointment we find our inner truth, our deepest power, our voice. We find the largeness that is us, that which came here to love and be loved. (Read on)

It may only be a flicker, a brief hesitation as we run through old habituated ways of being, but it is significant. A tiny crack in the façade of feeling as if we need to know what to do next, a desperation from within that if we could only understand something more fully we could respond differently, do something better etc.

From here we simply are exploring the same spectrum of consciousness, that which exists in our mind and personality. We are not yet operating as our larger self in the world.

When we go within, through prayer or meditation, we seek connection with this largeness. We honor that there is more, even if our minds simply see it as a way to relax, to feel better for a moment. We use our innate ability to connect with ourselves in the largest sense possible. And through this, we access the Divine. No matter what word we ascribe to this place, it is that which is larger than we are as individuals, that which is larger than us all.

It is also that which we are in our true essence.

Connection facilitates this opportunity to remember, to pause from what is playing out and to seek higher truth. We connect with our larger selves and our breathing changes. If our emotional system is fluid, we feel what is unfolding in the moment and we do not react unconsciously. We do not recreate our old traumas and drama with new players merely because it is familiar.

Rather we step outside this history, we experience the present now. And from here, we can choose our next steps, whether these be silence, receiving another individual more fully or taking a risk from an undefended place.

It may be a simple act, barley recognized by the mind. It may not be until days or weeks later that we recognize something has changed. And yet, in the moment of conscious choice we have chosen to step outside our limitations and be the largeness that we are.

It is the greatest gift we could offer to the world.

Each time one of us opens our heart and remembers who we are, we add that radiance and light out into the world. Each time we choose to do this in relation to another person, we open the possibility for connection in the deepest sense of the word. We open the possibility that our spiritual selves will in that moment guide what is next as a moment of union with the Divine. Life lived from here is one of peace and inclusivity.

Connection is the energy that offers our light, our gifts out into the world. It teaches us patience with ourselves as we are learning. It offers us hope that today for just a moment we can be who we truly are; and from here one moment at a time we can come to realize our largeness and live our entire lives from this place.

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