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Soul Connection

Soul Connection - the key to spiritual evolution and enlightenment

Soul connection is easy to achieve, it is part of who you are now. You, as a composite being, personality and Soul, move through daily life. Most often it is the personality that makes choices. It is as the personality self that you learn to identify both the world around you and yourself.

In moments of creativity, in profound inspiration, in the desire for deeper support, the personality opens to something larger than itself. The Soul waits for the invitation, and simply steps forward. Soul Connection is the first step to living a life of ongoing evolution, where growth and spiritual development align and draw you more deeply to your purpose, and all that is needed to express that purpose into the world.

As you connect more fully with your Soul, you open to the possibility of living as your Soul. Living as your Soul takes practice, determination and awareness of the benefits of viewing the world in this way. When the mind and personality understands the value of this larger perspective, it begins to seek this connection more readily. Living as your Soul involves the conscious connection with your Soul moment by moment and is the deeper expression of Soul connection.

Living as your Soul changes the way you view the world around you. You see the world, the actions and creations of others, from a deep place of awareness. Your own personality impulses to correct, take charge and be in control of the actions and creations of others cease to be the driving force. You learn to open to the expansion as a personality and witness what else is possible. Old patterns of reactivity that are based on the world views of the personality no longer influence your daily choices.

Living as your Soul is part of the path of enlightenment. Each choice made from this place strengthens your capacity as a Soul to be present and to be of service to others. Being of service is part of why the Soul incarnates. The Soul seeks to contribute its light in some way. As the Soul offers its light out into the world, its capacity to hold more light grows as well.

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