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Spiritual Development


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Your Life Work
Building from the energy of Connection, we teach and offer ways for you to begin to build a stable base within your system to hold more of your Soul's light. As this base deepens, you may be drawn to explore avenues of expression for your Soul's light out into the world. We refer to this expression as your life work. Similarly, you may be drawn to build a conscious relationship with your own guide or teacher, further enhancing your life work.

Birthing a relationship with a guide, whether it is in the form of a light being, an angel or some other aspect of higher consciousness, is a powerful way to explore who you are from a different perspective. Entering into this union allows for a place of exploration of how you present yourself in the world as well as how you view yourself. As you learn to blend in a deep way, you have an opportunity to explore yourself consciously beyond the layer of consciousness of the personality. You move into alignment with layers of consciousness that are more diffused and thus able to hold and transmit light more easily.

Coming from this perspective teaches you about cooperation, surrender and union in deeper and deeper ways. Each time you return to this place of connection, you have an opportunity to deepen your awareness of who you are and receive support for all aspects of your life. Light beings are here to assist humanity in learning about new ways to be in the world and new ways to live from a place of peace and ease. They recognize your unique gifts and contributions and invite you into this union as you are drawn.

The following three programs work in a step-by-step fashion to accomplish these goals. While you may begin with any set, all three provide a unique foundation for this exploration.

Manifesting Life Work >>>

Deepening Connection >>>

Exploring Relationships With A Light Being >>>



As you learn to connect more deeply with your Soul and Greater Consciousness, you will have the opportunity to live your life from this perspective. Your vocation may or may not be the doorway to your life's work. For us, life work is the expression of you Soul's light in form and matter.

Being connected to your Soul is supported and strengthened throughout this program. Learning how to create containers for your Soul's light in the world as well as how to develop streams of awareness in the energy planes are all reviewed. As you develop containers for your Soul's light, you will learn ways to attract resources and support for all aspects of your life's work.

It is not necessary to already know the form of expression of your life work to benefit from this program. Learning to explore in the planes of energy, where all things exist before they are manifest in physical form, supports the evolution of your life work. Each aspect of your Soul's light has its own unique contributions that it offers to the world. Manifesting your life work assists in those forms being present to those you are here to serve. Whether your 'work' is through the form of family, business, a healing practice, a teacher or any other form, you and your Soul can choose to create and explore together.



DEEPENING CONNECTION: A Bridge to Soul Based Relationships
As you continue to explore your Soul as a conscious aspect of who you are in the world, relationship becomes more significant. Learning to create patterns of conscious relationship from a perspective of light evolves as you begin to become more Soul based in your explorations.

Releasing old patterns of relationship from childhood gives way to a rich and supple playing field from which to create a higher place of resonant relationships. Soul based relationships are free flowing, loving and creative. Whether you are seeking to create a Soul based partnership for business, family or as a foundation for a guide or teacher, the processes contained here will support that evolution.

Each meditation builds upon the next, with your personality being supported in its exploration of how to live from a Soul based perspective as well as learning how to hold more of you Soul's light. As this capacity grows, the ability to resonate and offer your light out into the world also grows. Soul based relationships become the foundation for all areas of expression in the world.

Through using these recordings, you will support your ability to connect more deeply with your Soul. As this deepening occurs, you will have the ability to learn how to expand, open and blend with another from this large and supple place. The focus of your connection could be your own Soul, a guide or teacher or any other Soul based relationship. Care is taken in the written teachings to support the personality and its understanding of this level of relationship.



This is the third in this series of supporting your partnership with your Soul, your teachers and your guides. As human beings begin the process of connecting with light beings, the most common area of discrepancy is that of orientation. As a human being, you have learned about relationship with other human beings. These human beings have thoughts, beliefs and patterns of response just as you do. Each of you dances with one another, teaching about patterns of reactivity and entanglement that come from the personality.

As you begin to build a conscious relationship with a light being or guide, this previous framework of orientation is the beginning point of building these new relationships. However, light beings do not respond in the same way human beings do. Light beings create relationship from beyond the range of emotion and personality, through the exchange of light, which is consciousness. This may be the single most important distinction as well as the reason these relationships have the potential to be so healing. A human being in this equation has the opportunity to learn about him or herself more fully while learning to merge and blend more deeply.

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