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Soul Connection: Opening to the Source of Creation

by Deb Schnitta

Soul Connection by Deb Schnitta Book Cover Image

 "We are each unlimited potential here to create."

Soul Connection: Opening to the Source of Creation offers the reader the necessary knowledge about the Soul so that the mind may open to this vast resource. As this knowledge is enhanced, the reader is transported to direct access to the Soul itself- as deep a connection as you desire.

Each time you immerse yourself in the energy of these pages, you are awakening your conscious connection to the largeness that is you, your Soul. As you awaken in this way, you are different. You see the world with new eyes and find the connection with your purpose, your deepest calling.

Soul Connection allows you to step away from what no longer serves you and open to a life of joy, abundance, and purpose, free from suffering and limitation. 


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