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What changes have CE patients experienced?
Consistent and dramatic, at times even life- changing shifts, in physical, emotional and mental disease have occurred. Some recent experiences include:

    * Severe anemia corrected within two weeks
    * Osteoporosis returning to normal bone structure
    * Life-long endocrine imbalance reverting to normal
    * Instantaneous healing of third degree burn
    * Instantaneous healing of corneal abrasion
    * Abnormal breast tissue returning to normal
    * Transformation of life-long pattern of anxiety
    * Resolution of life-long depression
    * Cancer resolving
    * Child with ADHD and OCD increases concentration and excels in school

Who benefits from Cellular Expansion and Healing™?
People who have benefited from CE have been working with life challenges and illnesses such as cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, ADHD, cardiac issues, arthritis, depression, menstrual irregularities and fertility issues as well as other physical and emotional symptoms.

Is Cellular Expansion and Healing™ only for physical ailments?
Certainly not! CE is a powerful source of creation. Not just intended for the healing of physical illness, CE supports a deep inner connection with the aspect of consciousness that exists within us all, that knows what is next and is ready for change to occur. By strengthening this connection, the illusions of resistance, confusion and other contributing factors to "stuckness" no longer exert a hold over how an individual lives life. Choices become clear, history that was experienced as part of earlier childhood experiences becomes an aspect of the past, rather than the formative phrasing for how life is lived. CE accelerates spiritual development and helps with the integration of the issues that may arise on that path.

Clients also seek support for their psychological healing, moving through a difficult obstacle as well as those seeking to create life from a balanced place.

Collaborative in nature, CE supports the client who desires to move with ease through their process of healing. It is not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological care, but rather augments the rate in which healing does occur.

How can Cellular Expansion and Healing™ help me?
    * Achieve balance and health (mental, emotional or physical) and may not be responding fully to traditional treatment.
    * Create a project, job or partnership from an expanded state of connection.
    * Explore mind/body connection and how it can impact their lives.
    * Move from a feeling of being stuck to aligned purpose.
    * Augment your daily life with wellness and with energy.
    * Accelerate your spiritual development.

How does Cellular Expansion and Healing™ work?
Cellular Expansion and Healing™ (CE) is a form of hands on energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells. The relief of constrictions allows for physical, emotional and mental healing at the root cause (where the imbalance or illness first arose) and supports living a life of joy.

Each aspect of the body has a certain resonant frequency, a range in which it vibrates. Just like physical matter such as wood, stone, etc., the cells as physical matter respond to the forces of nature. The resonant frequencies of the cells respond to other resonant frequencies that may come from within the body or from external sources such as a practitioner in energy medicine. When two objects have similar natural frequencies, they can interact without touching; their vibrations match, or resonate, with one another.

Cells respond to the internal vibrations of the body that are set in motion by thought, emotion, physical sensations such as pain or love as well as the biochemical processes that are influencing and sustaining life. Cells also respond to the vibration of light energy, recognizing the natural resonance and forging an easy connection. This response may be the release of old toxins, the opening where constriction and illness has been held or the taking in of sustenance that will nourish it at a deep level.

The vibratory response of cells to the energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing™™ is similar to the body’s own natural ability to respond to internal vibratory responses and communication. This allows the healing energy to enter deeply at the source of illness without requiring effort on the part of the client. From here the energy of CE is able to enter directly where needed, supporting the cells to return to balance and health. CE moves through the matrix, or conduits, that exist in each cell as well as the interconnected matrix that connects each cell to one another. In this way it is able to support healing at the tiniest level possible, the cells which house DNA, genetic material, consciousness and history as well as physical processes that maintain health and balance.

CE goes directly to the source of imbalance and offers the cells the opportunity to vibrate, or resonate, at a higher, more refined tone than currently exists. This process supports the release of toxins; debris that may cause the cells to resonate at a lesser resonance, as well as the transformation of old held emotional content that was present as illness was created.

A practitioner trained in the energy of CE is taught how to support the process required for healing to occur. The energy is offered -- not pushed -- inviting the cells to make choice and respecting the larger rhythms that exist for the cells themselves. The energy of CE exists in the light spectrum of energy at a higher frequency than the cells themselves. This allows the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to be bathed in inclusive resonant energy that supports balance and healing. The choice for health may occur one cell at a time. The evolving practitioner is constantly supported to explore his or her next level of surrender and capacity to hold, offer and extend light energy for healing. In this way the path of learning is never ending. Students often report dramatic changes in their own lives as they engage in this path of study.

New to Energy Medicine? Learn more about CE >>>
Interested in energy medicine certification? Learn about Vanati’s training courses >>>

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How are Vanati’s Healing Energy Programs different from guided meditation?
Guided meditation often uses the mind to create change. The Vanati Healing Energy Programs go directly to the source of both the imbalance and the source of your creative power to assist you in creating lasting change. The Vanati Healing Energy Programs recognize you are more than your mind and are a powerful being of change and creation.

Each program uses the transformative energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing to encourage your cells to open to what you desire to create:  a life of joy, abundance, health and Soul connection. They are so different that we call them what they are – healing energy programs.

Like meditation, Healing Energy Programs provide relaxation, self-discovery and a more defined life perspective by bringing the mind, body, Soul and spirit into harmony.

I’ve never tried meditation. Are these programs right for me?
Absolutely! Vanati’s programs are designed for individuals at all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Vanati’s healing energy programs are created in a way that allows you to listen over and over, yet have unique experiences each time by forming stronger connections and lasting changes that will be noticeable in all areas of your life. As you grow and open the energy that is present on the Energy Programs is able to take you to your next level.

Why enhance your ability to meditate?
Research from top universities proves that meditation reduces stress, blood pressure, heart disease, and anxiety. It increases mental abilities, focus, concentration, longevity...

•    The National Institute of Health reports that regular meditation can reduce chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, cholesterol, health care use, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress response and blood levels of stress hormones.
•    Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School found that meditation helps heart conditions and reduces high blood pressure, releases tension and creates the willpower and consciousness to be in control of one's life.
•    According to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center researchers, meditation improves stress responses "similar to the physiological impact of exercise conditioning."
•    Researchers at University of Maryland School of Medicine report that meditation relieved stress, reduced rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, reduced cardiovascular risk factors, decreased psychological distress and improved sleep patterns.                             

Where does the energy come from that is on these programs?
In Quantum Physics all energy is available. In our daily lives we were taught about the world of form as a young age, what was hot, the difference between objects, etc. Most of us were not also taught about the world of energy.

As part of the evolution of our awareness we are opening to new ways of being, of thinking and creating. Using energy is part of that process. To consciously create as an aware being is part of that transition. To assist us in this process this energy has been offered in a loving way that respects our choices and free will and opens a doorway that we may move through when we are ready.

All of our energy programs contain the energy and voice of the originator of Cellular expansion and healing, Deb Schnitta as well as her spirit partner, Mikala.

Great, but where do I start?
Take a moment and recall why you first started searching for something. What was it that you were feeling? What was it that you wanted to create? We’ve provided some of the most common questions received by our Product Specialists…

I keep recreating the same thing over and over again. I know that I want something different, but I just can’t get there. What program is right for me?

We recommend both connection programs, Receiving the Energy of Connection and Extending Connection to an Area of your Life, as well as the Exploring Transformation program.

We suggest using them all, rotating the order that you use them - Receiving, Extending, Transforming and then repeat. No, you do not have to listen every day, but when you do feel drawn, follow this order. This provides a solid foundation for change in a supported fashion.

What if I’m interested in healing?
We suggest Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE set) and the Receiving the Energy of Connection program. People often report profound change in their lives using the CE set. Augmenting this with the Receiving Connection program provides support for deepening your own connection to yourself, source, and others so that as things change it is smooth and easy. In our experience, this helps the healing process tremendously.

How can I create something in my life – abundance, guidance, relationships, or a new job?
We suggest three singles Receiving the Energy of Connection, Extending Connection to an Area of your Life and Exploring Transformation. For more details, please see the first question above.

How can I let go of old patterns?
Then Transforming the Personality: Illuminating Your Essence program is for you! This set provides a step-by-step process to unlayer what no longer serves you from your history and patterns and invites in your largest self. We often recommend as a companion Receiving the Energy of Connection. Even for those that feel a strong connection with their higher self and wisdom or God, there is always a deepening available. As the unlayering occurs, often the edge of this connection is revealed. When you are done here, head on over to Opening the Heart: Moving into Higher Energies.  Used in conjunction, these two sets are a dynamic way to be the largeness that you are, now.

How can I  support my spiritual development?
Start with one of the sets in our Soul Series, even if you feel a strong connection to your Soul already. Because of the nature of Soul Connection, which is an ever deepening process that is never ending, having the benefit of Cellular Expansion and Healing in addition to the teachings on our Soul Series will deepen this sacred place of union. The Vanati Soul Series are: 

Manifesting Life Work: Birthing the Gifts of Your Soul
Deepening Connection:  A Bridge to Soul Based Relationships
Relationship with a Light Being: Union of Soul and Spirit

Then what after that?
Depending on your particular interests, you may want to continue with the others in the Soul Series, or switch over to the Transforming the Personality noted above. As spiritual development occurs by its nature the personality issues arise as well. It may be helpful to support the integration of your growth by first supporting the personality to open and let go of what no longer serves it. As the personality becomes more supple your spiritual growth becomes exponential.

If you feel like you are already consciously connected to your Soul and want to accelerate your Spiritual Development then we suggest : Spiritual Evolution: A Doorway to Enlightenment.  We do suggest you use one of our Soul Series first, however.
How can I open to love, find my Soul mate?

Soul mate relationships are possible with everyone you meet, as you come to the world consciously as your Soul, you draw other like minded Souls to your world. Issues of the past, disappointments, being in relationships that were not fulfilling all lead to the heart being hesitant or defended. A hesitant heart does not open freely to the depth of Soul love.
Opening the Heart: Moving into Higher Energies or Deepening Connection:  A bridge to Soul based Relastionships are useful here.

Still have a question about which Energy Healing Program is right for you? If after reviewing the FAQ you feel you still need help choosing, no worries! Ask a Vanati Product Specialist for guidance on which product will best serve your needs.

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When will you work with my child?
Sessions occur on Wednesdays and are done as a distance healing. The specific time is determined by the sleep time of your child that you will note in your application. During that time period Deb will turn her awareness toward your child and begin the energy work of Cellular Expansion and Healing. It is not necessary to contact us if your child is up later than usual etc. Deb is able to sense when an appropriate time to engage with your child is based on the energy. When it is not the right time, it feels like a door that is locked. When it is the right time, it feels more like a doorknob that turns easily.

To learn more about distance healing >>>

How long will you work with my child each session?
The length of the session varies, depending on the needs of your individual child. Collectively it is never less than a half hour. Often children need short bursts of energy and support, followed by a waiting period on the same night and then additional work. Deb has found over the years that working while the child is sleeping is very effective and creates an undisturbed time period for the work to occur. It interferes less with family time and does not require an active child to stop other activities and lay still.

Do I need to do anything special for bedtime on these nights?
It is not necessary for you to alter your child’s sleep routine in any way for CE to be beneficial. If there are other activities you use during sleep time (sound programs, etc.), Debmay ask you to refrain from using those in the beginning to provide a clear assessment opportunity.

How do you know if this can help my child?
Initially three consecutive sessions are required in order for Deb to assess fully your child’s needs and response to the energy offered. These sessions are done once a week for three weeks. Often the body displays openness as if it is recognizing a food source that helps the healing process. Between each scheduled session, there are changes that occur within the cells themselves. At each subsequent follow-up session, Deb is able to assess whether the changes that occurred at the previous session have remained and what is needed to promote ongoing healing for your child. During this time, each child demonstrates his or her own propensity for growth, and what the body needs to support healing.

After this time period, you will receive a detailed report of findings by e-mail as well as impressions about what may be beneficial for your child to promote health and healing. Deb will also indicate whether or not I believe CE can be of assistance, and if so the frequency of future sessions. If CE is not a good match for your child, she will make other recommendations at this time as well. This report is sent via e-mail by the end of the week in which the third session occurs; this is to provide time to assess your child’s responses to treatment.

While we realize that there is often an eagerness on the family’s part to know if this can be helpful, Deb finds that it is advantageous to allow three sessions for a full assessment. During this time, Deb is exploring how the body responds to the energy, what changes transpire, as well as whether or not those changes remain between sessions.

How many sessions will be needed?
Often illnesses or issues that are complex take a longer period of time to resolve. However, dramatic changes have been seen within a few sessions.

Challenges such as CP, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, ADHD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder often require treatment over a series of months. Lasting change, rather than improvement followed by a re-emergence of symptoms, requires a tapering of sessions rather than an abrupt termination of services. These factors, as well as the unique challenges and circumstances your child is exploring, all have a direct impact on the proposed treatment plan

If it is determined that CE would be beneficial for your child, a Next Steps Treatment Plan will be recommended, in addition to the date of your next report.

The number and frequency of sessions are determined based upon your child’s needs and are adjusted based on my findings during each session. If, for instance, it is recommended that 8 consecutive sessions be completed and the desired change occurs sooner, then you will be contacted with a new treatment plan.

Every consideration is made to keep treatment as streamlined as possible. Recommendations are made as to what the ideal treatment plan would be and families make the ultimate decision based on many factors including finances. Issues that are long standing or complex often take more time to resolve for change to be noticed.

What are others saying about the results of CE treatments for their child?
Click here to Read a List of Cellular Expansion Reviews and Testimonials from the parents of Cellular Expansion and Healing patients.

How does communication occur?
To assist in meeting your child’s needs, please send an e-mail update each Monday that you are scheduled for treatment. In this update, include any relevant information about your child’s week, or time period since the last CE treatment.

If you were in my office this might be the answer to the question, “How has his/ her week been?” Perhaps your child has a cold? Went for an exciting visit? Has had something different develop, improvement in eating, less agitation, difficulty sleeping etc. It can be as brief or as in-depth as you would like. It is your opportunity to provide me a glimpse of your child through your eyes. I find this to be an invaluable source of information.

Also at this time is your opportunity to include any questions you may have. Although Deb may not answer these directly at that time, she will include them in your next scheduled report.

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Does distance healing work?
Yes, long Distance healing, (also referred to as distance healing, distant healing, and spiritual healing) has been scientifically studied in universities and has been shown to be very effective. Some think of this as prayer, and see the ease in creating results in this way.

We invite you to take a look at the testimonials of others who have participated in long distance healing.

Click Here to Read the Distance Healing Testimonials >>>

What will I experience during a distance session?
Just as an individual experience with an in-office session varies, so too does it when receiving a distance session.

Although the responses may vary, most report a profound sense of peace and relaxation often not experienced before. Many report serenity, as if they have “returned home” that goes beyond words.

Insights related to the intention often arise during the session or in the days that follow. During the session, your cells are bathed in the energy of CE. The receptive, respectful and loving energy enters the cells as they deem appropriate. The healing that occurs is transformative and long lasting.

What if my mind wanders or I fall asleep during the session?
Because the energy of CE goes directly to the source of the imbalance where all illness is created, the cells, the participation of the waking mind is not required. Although the mind often feels reassured when it can recount something that has occurred, it is not necessary for the deep healing of CE to occur.

What will help me integrate the healing into my everyday life?
Take some quiet time after your session. Avoid the temptation to jump back into busy life.

Journal or write about your experience. An excellent tool for the conscious mind, this supports what has occurred outside the waking reality to become more known. Often, individuals are surprised at how much content comes to the surface and insights arise even though before they felt that “nothing” had occurred.

From your experience, write down one insight or next step that will bring you closer to your goal. What is necessary for this to be accomplished?

What can I do in between sessions to help my healing and development?
In addition to making time for the next steps that have been illuminated (even a few minutes in a busy day can be helpful), we often recommend our energy programs to individuals looking for additional support. Learn more about our energy programs.

Three single energy programs that we offer are: Receiving the Energy of Connection, Extending the Energy of Connection to an Area of Your Life and Exploring Transformation.

For those desiring a larger set that addresses the various personality issues and needs that often arise during healing, we offer the energy program, Transforming the Personality, which works with specific topics with the evolving personality structures. These topics include among others: Transforming Patterns of Lack, Transforming Anger, Moving through Layers of Consciousness and Applying Transformation.
Or to have access to the energy of CE in between sessions, we offer Cellular Expansion and Healing.

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