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Living as Your Soul: Awakening to Your Potential

By Deb Schnitta

To live consciously as the Soul is part of the path of enlightenment. It is the expression of the Soul's light into everyday life, relationships, creations, service, etc. that the Soul has come here to experience and contribute.

Living as your Soul creates the opportunity for the mind and personality to step away from what no longer works. This may be issues of lack that manifest in not enough of something (time, money, love etc.) or it may be issues of attachment such as recreating old patterns that serve only to reinforce the separation of the personality from its larger self. Having thoughts such as, ‘I can't find a good relationship because there is something wrong with me' is one example of this. Rather than noticing the aliveness within that is beautiful and filled with the potential of creation, the mind has stepped forward with old beliefs and impressions and determined that these old beliefs are what is real, this is what is possible.

When connection with the Soul becomes easy for the personality, then the personality itself begins to look for this connection; it begins to expect that there is a higher way to view a given situation and a different way to approach the act of creating what is desired. It may be for the personality that initially the act of connecting with the Soul is simply the presence of a deep seated peace, a moment of respite in a busy day or a difficult situation. As the personality learns to trust this connection, both in terms of what is possible and that the personality can easily access this light, then the personality begins to actively seek out the connection with the Soul.

At this point a shift in orientation for the personality has occurred. It no longer sees the Soul as something elusive, something outside itself but rather sees the presence of the Soul as a partner for the personality. This shift and awareness is the first step in living as a Soul. Having this awareness means that the personality not only recognizes that there is benefit to connecting with the Soul but also that the personality is ready to change some of its world views in order to make room for the presence of the Soul in daily life. Without these two components the Soul remains an aspect of the composite being that remains in the background. The Soul is present and willing to assist the personality, but cannot do so until the personality opens to the possibility.

How the personality makes the distinction that there is value in having Soul connection varies with each individual. However, a shift in orientation is a developmental change in the foundation of how the personality sees and experiences the world. Having had a glimpse of what is possible, the personality often finds an inner desire to open more fully, to Awaken.

The Awakening personality learns how to let go of attachments. It also learns how to consciously connect with the Soul, moving from an experience of connection that happens spontaneously to one that is now part of how the personality recognizes itself, a partner to the Soul. As the personality recognizes the way daily life changes in the presence of the Soul and through the act of consciously connecting with the , it becomes even more intrigued by the possibilities that emerge.

This second stage of Awakening, where the personality now looks at how it can actively create life differently and do so in partnership with the Soul is the beginning foundation to living life here now as a Soul in daily life. To do so requires further shift in orientation as well as flexibility or suppleness of the larger personality structures (emotional system, thinking or mental system, physical body and the spiritual body as well).

Suppleness occurs when the mind is able to detach from the history of what has occurred and see events as they actually are right now. It is enhanced by the capacity for the entire personality to live in non-attachment. This does not mean that the personality no longer has needs, desires or interests. In fact, clarity of those aspects of personality leads to the ability to develop non-attachment. Once the personality is able to discover what it truly desires, as well as the motivations for those desires, it moves more fully into clarity. Clarity is necessary for manifestation of desires as well as for promoting the suppleness of mind that, in turn, supports living as a Soul.

To live consciously as the Soul is part of the path of enlightenment. It is the expression of the Soul's light into everyday life, relationships, creations, service etc that the Soul has come here to experience and contribute. When the personality moves into the process of consciously connecting and creating with the Soul it supports this development and thus its movement along the path of evolution and enlightenment. In this way both the personality and Soul evolve.

When suppleness of mind begins to emerge, then the emotional system also has the opportunity to become more fluid and less reactive. In a fluid emotional system the personality still has feelings or emotions. If the individual has learned earlier in life to limit the awareness of emotions through denying their presence, pushing them down or some other mechanism of separating from the emotions themselves then the first step to the process of emotional fluidity is the discovery of emotions themselves.

A fluid emotional system allows the free flowing movement of emotions as they occur in the moment. An experience unfolds, the personality notices the experience, has an emotional response to the experience and is aware of the emotion as it occurs. The emotion does not dictate the understanding of the experience (such as identifying it as good or bad) but rather is part of the experience itself. Being present to the emotions as they unfold assists in developing the capacity to orient in the world from non-attachment. It also supports the personality having the suppleness of the emotional system itself to be able to move into the Soul qualities of the experience. Having this degree of awareness furthers the development of partnership between personality and Soul as well as the ability for the personality to actively create with the Soul.

Soul qualities are deeper capacity of qualities that the personality has already experienced and include love, compassion, inclusivity and higher wisdom. The personality experiences of these qualities are learned through early childhood and life experiences and are colored through the understanding of the personality itself. For instance, a child that learns ‘if it is good then it receives love' begins to form the impression that love is conditional based on doing the right thing in a given situation. The child then often transfers this belief onto other life experiences and modulates his or her behavior in the quest for receiving love and approval. The Soul qualities of love, compassion, inclusivity and higher wisdom are limitless in their expression. The growing personality heals and transforms as it has contact with the purity of these qualities.

As Soul qualities emerge, the growing personality has the opportunity to examine consciously whether the past impressions formed through the personality are still valid, or whether it is time to update the impressions themselves. This process of evaluation helps develop the fluidity of the emotional system as well as enhances the suppleness of the mental system. This evaluation is an ongoing process throughout the evolution of the personality and the Soul. It assists greatly in the emerging partnership moving more to the forefront and becoming the operating platform for the composite life of personality and Soul.

Having conscious connection with the Soul requires that the personality is open to the changes that will occur through the very presence of the Soul and its light. It also requires willingness on the part of the personality to easily step back from the forefront and allow the Soul to guide daily life. In this way the personality has moved from wondering if there is a Soul, to exploring how to connect with the Soul, to how to have the benefit of the Soul to shifting its orientation even more fully to how can I, the personality, open more fully to the co-creative partnership with my Soul and from here move more fully into my service, my Soul's purpose.

To support the evolution of the personality and the suppleness required, we suggest the Vanati Energy Program, Transforming the Personality. A step by step series of teachings and energy meditations to assist the personality in gaining clarity about emotions as well as releasing the limiting constructs of past experiences with these emotions, Transforming the Personality opens the Awakening personality and Soul to deeper connection and union.

Deb Schnitta, RN, is a leading pioneer in healing and consciousness and the originator of Cellular Expansion and HealingTM (CE) a revolutionary energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells. CE affects the consciousness stored within the cells and provides connection to Soul and the Divine.

An author of many books and Meditation CD Energy Programs for living a life connected consciously to Soul and Spirit, Deb supports individuals seeking healing, spiritual development and enlightenment. She has co-founded Vanati : A Center for Energy Medicine and Consciousness with her partner, Pauline Dishler M.Ed. Information about their revolutionary approach to healing, free distance healing, and dynamic Energy Programs can be found at www.vanati.com For more information about this article, email vanati@vanati.com.