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Making a Difference: Creating with your Soul

by Deb Schnitta

The Soul returns in each life looking to grow and expand. It may be that the expansion is in its capacity to love or to be compassionate. It may be that the Soul itself, through the process of growth, is evolving beyond where it has ever been before, progressing further along the pathway of evolution and enlightenment.

As part of this evolutionary process, the Soul works with its personality partner. It offers insights, encouragement and also presence through the gift of its light and consciousness. As a Soul is able to blend more deeply with its personality partner, it is able to be more fully present in the world, its light more fully expressed.

As a personality experiencing the world, events are seen through the eyes and filter of the personality. Things that have occurred in the past as well as societal beliefs, family beliefs and how the mind understands what it sees as possible, all impact the filter of the personality. In this way, the mind is instrumental in shaping reality.

However, this is just one aspect of consciousness. Without the influence of the Soul the full picture of any given situation is lost. The larger perspective is often much softer, much more forgiving and much richer in compassion. Imagine living your entire life from this perspective. Imagine the challenges of daily life bathed in the wisdom of the Soul. What would be different?

Perhaps you envision a life of ease, where what is needed unfolds effortlessly. Is that what is currently present in your life? If not, then there are areas where the Soul’s impact is not as deeply present as it could be. The Soul does not seek ease, it orients from there. It recognizes flow and opportunity and sees the openings for ease as they arise.

A personality that does not experience ease is merely dipping back into the history and stored beliefs and creating from there. In this way the personality slows down the natural order of the Universe, it chooses a path of lesser flow and ease.

To shift this orientation, consciously invite your Soul into your daily life. To facilitate this try the following exercise:

Sit quietly, with your mind noticing your breath. Take as long as you need here, to relax and focus your consciousness inward.
Imagine the energy of your heart expanding, growing richer with each breath. As it does, imagine the energy of your heart filling your entire body. Each particle of light moving from your heart to the rest of your system forges a great stability.

From here, imagine the energy of your Soul, a soft golden loving light, moving toward you. It may feel very familiar, like an old dear friend.

As your Soul’s light becomes present in this way, notice your body. Does your breathing change? Does the tension release from your muscles? Does your mind relax even further?

Imagine your Soul’s light blending more deeply with the energy of your heart, supporting it, enriching the energy of your heart to open even further.

Doing this several times throughout the day creates a vast opportunity for daily life to be different. Your Soul, as consciousness, waits for you the personality partner, to invite its presence into your daily life. When you do so, the Soul honors your request without fail.

Each time you, as the personality partner, invite in the consciousness of your Soul, you are extending an invitation to the Universe to assist you. You are inviting in the fullness of who you are for each interaction.

Individuals seeking conscious connection with their Soul or a guide have found the energy programs, Receiving the Energy of Connection and Extending Connection to an Area of Your Life to be helpful.


Deb Schnitta, RN is a leading pioneer in healing and consciousness and the originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing TM (CE) a revolutionary energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells. CE affects the consciousness stored within the cells and provides connection to Soul and the Divine.
An author of many books and Meditation CD Energy Programs for living a life connected consciously to Soul and Spirit, Deb supports individuals seeking healing, spiritual development and enlightenment. She has co-founded Vanati: A Center for Energy Medicine and Consciousness with her partner, Pauline Dishler M.Ed. Information about their revolutionary approach to healing, free distance healing, and dynamic Meditation Energy Programs can be found at  www.vanati.com.


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