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Understanding the Energetics of Addiction

by Deb Schnitta

There are many ways to explore healing and understanding of any particular illness. Including the energetic and the underlying imbalance is often very useful. With addiction it is key. All addiction can be traced back to issues of connection.

Energy, as a usable unit of consciousness, is able to assist in the transformation of illness. When addiction is present, it speaks directly to the underlying imbalance that causes the illness itself. Regardless of the substance or focus of the addiction (work etc), the principles are the same from an energetic perspective.

All addictions arise from an imbalance in the energy system as related to the emotional system. There are mental or thinking systems as well as physical or visceral responses as well, however the ailment originates in the emotional system.

The energetics of addiction may be thought of in one of two ways; those that enhance the experience such as some hallucinogens, and those that diminish the experience such as alcohol or sugar. Each of these pathways speaks to the imbalance in the emotional system, or the desire to sublimate or push away unpleasant experiences. It should be noted that what is unpleasant for one may be desirable to another, and also what seems insurmountable to one individual might seem as if it were barely an inconvenience to another. Therefore, the perceptions of the person exploring addiction are key and understanding their perspective of their experience is useful in supporting healing.

Connection, as energy just as love exists as energy, is a necessary component to support deep and lasting healing in addiction. Whether the individual desires (consciously or unconsciously) to not feel what is transpiring or seeks the heightened state of awareness, it is the quest for connection with something larger that fuels the ongoing exploration of the addiction.

If for instance I feel overwhelmed and eat ice cream I have infused my system with sugar and other carbohydrates. In turn, the body’s resources shift at a physical level to attend to the new influx of useable energy (sugar). There are fewer units available to “feel” what is moving through the system. In addition, for many, a temporary uplifting experience occurs from the presence of the sugar, reinforcing the initial desire to not feel whatever was moving.

Often individuals, regardless of the substance of choice, are pushing away things that feel overwhelming or that they feel not as equipped to handle. Connecting with one’s true self, in a deep and meaningful way bridges the two. Connection supports the individual in being more fully present to the experience with more of their own inner resources and power and thus able to handle what is actually transpiring. It may seem ironic that being more present is in fact the useful tool; however, it is being present in a supportive fashion, supported by your larger self.

Similarly learning to use connection as an energy to bring your larger energy to a situation (and even something you desire to create) is useful to diminish the powerless feelings as well as increase both the confidence and hope in creating something new and exciting. Extending connection in this way allows for forward movement, something that is often lacking when addiction is active.

To work energetically with addiction, we suggest the energy programs Receiving the Energy of Connection as well as Extending Connection to an Area of Your Life. Used alternately, they support the individual in enhancing their capacity to receive and open as well as then move forward in the world and create. The energy enters the cells themselves to support the unfolding and healing that is necessary.

For those that recognize underlying issues or history and would like assistance in transforming those patterns, we suggest the energy program Exploring Transformation as a supplement to connection.

Most addictions speak to a deep desire or longing that is unfulfilled. To be supported in learning new ways to fulfill those desires has indeed been a key for many in their success with addiction.

Addiction as an opportunity is an aspect of consciousness that has for a brief moment forgotten its larger purpose. It is a wanderer who has headed down a path and lost sight of its destination. Resolving the underlying imbalance in addiction from an energetic perspective allows the individual to not only return to balance but to live a life free, full and expressive in their creative power.

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