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Cellular Healing Evenings

Cellular Healing for Illness, Spiritual Development and Life Change.

As part of our commitment to making a difference, Vanati hosts a Cellular Expansion and Healing Benefit evening on the Second Thursday of Each Month.

Next Benefit Evening: Thursday - November 8, 2012*Note: This is our last Benefit Evening
Location: The Nuin Center
  5655 Bryant Street
  Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Time: 7:00 or 7:45 pm - Appt. Required
Cost: $25


 Click below on the links to register. 

Please NOTE each appointment time has it's own link, please choose the link for your desired time.

If all appointments are filled, please e-mail the office (vanatioffice@gmail.com) to be placed on our waiting list.

To register for:

 7:00 pm click here

7:45 pm click here


Slots fill quickly! If you receive a message that the event is closed, then please e-mail us to be placed on the waiting list. Please don't e-mail us to register you, as other people who are using the automated system will be scheduled while you are waiting to hear back from us! We look forward to the opportunity to be of service.

Hands-on healing sessions done in a group setting have a profound impact. There is much energy generated as people come together to address individual issues and areas of growth. As part of these evenings, we connect in service with a larger world issue. There is a never ending place for the healing energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing energy to flow. In this way the energy generated during these evenings reaches others far away.

Cellular Expansion & Healing (CE) is a form of hands-on energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells where all imbalance begins. This allows for physical, emotional and mental healing at the root cause and supports living a life of joy. Beyond healing, CE provides a profound doorway to deep spiritual connection which opens peace and accelerated spiritual development.

Useful for life issues, stress, as well as acute and chronic illness, CE is gentle and peaceful in its approach to transforming what stands in the way of health, vitality and joy.

Learn more about CE >>>


 " I have never experienced anything so profound- and I have studied many healing modalities. I felt instantly connected to something larger than myself, and transported to peace that took my breath away. Even in a very, very troubling time in my life, I KNEW everything would be ok." - CW, Allison Park, PA

"I have had chronic back pain for twenty years and have tried many things to help. A friend told me about these evenings after she had an experience that changed her life! I came hopeful, but uncertain. I have not had any more pain since that first night! I keep coming back because the support for all areas of my life is so profound that I can't imagine creating life any other way ever again. Thank you so much for making this available!" - GP, Pittsburgh, PA

"My life has changed so much since coming to these evenings! I feel so spiritually connected, and so aligned with a deep place of peace." -SB, Pittsburgh,PA

Sessions are received clothed on a bodywork table by graduates from the Vanati training program and are 45 minutes in duration. Your practitioner will ask for your intention, the statement about what you would like to receive in support and healing. He/she will then further connect to a very soft, respectful and loving, transformative energy, opening space for your deep and lasting healing and transformation. After, your practitioner will receive anything you would like to share about your experience and any questions you may have. Since CE works outside the layer of the mind, in the spaces of infinite potential, it is often useful for the mind to connect and language/ share the experience to help with integration.


Use our online registration process here on this page and you will receive immediate confirmation of your request! Due to the enthusiastic response and interest for these evenings, reservations are not taken prior to the first of the month. Please use our online registration process close to that date so that you can get a spot! Reservation requests prior to the first will not be honored.

Fee: $25.00
All proceeds will benefit the featured charity, Kiva. You may pay by cash or check made payable to VANATI. 

2012 DATES- All dates are the second Thursday of the month unless noted *

January 12th

February 9th

March 8th

April 12th

May 17th* (3rd Thursday)

June 14th

July 12th

August 9th

September 13th

October 18th* (3rd Thursday)

Nov. 8th, 2012

The Nuin Center
5655 Bryant St. 
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Google Map to Nuin Center >>>
For fastest response, use the Online Registration Process. Please remember to choose your preferred appointment time of 7:00pm or 7:45pm.

To reserve by phone, please call 412-361-2300. Please note this may cause a delay in your registration, as others may be using our online system while you are waiting to hear from us.

Reservations are accepted for one person at a time only. Thank you.

The event has been taking place at the Nuin Center in Pittsburgh, PA for over five years now. Graduates of Vanati have donated their time and provided sessions at a reduced fee, opening space for not only profound healing for individuals, but also for the larger global community.

During the first two years, all the proceeds supported residents affected by Hurricane Katrina through the Oprah Winfrey Angel Network. During this time, over $9,000 was generated by the evening. In recent years, Vanati has partnered with Women for Women International, an organization dedicated to helping women survivors of war and KIVA- the powerful microloaning organization that helps people all over the world.

Vanati donates all the proceeds from each event to support individuals looking to better the lives of their communities. What a great way to support the fabric of humanity and Oneness. As we each change the ripple of that change moves out into the world, touching the lives of those we may never meet.

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