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Pauline's Bio


Pauline Dishler - Energy HealerPauline Dishler has over thirty-five years serving the health community. She has frequently been on the leading edge of change and innovation in seeking new solutions to existing situations. Her ability to transform dense held energy in the form of illness or emotional discomfort makes her a leader in the mind body field of exploration. Her willingness to push the envelope with each session contributes to her overall prowess as a healer and facilitator of health. Pauline works with a variety of clients including those who are seeking support for chronic and complex health issues and life situations as well as those interested in exploring their spiritual path.

Pauline has studied with Barbara Brennan, one of the founders in mind body medicine. A registered nurse with a Masters in Education, she offers a solid bridge between traditional and complementary medicine. Pauline has completed postgraduate studies in advanced energy training. She incorporates all these principles in the unique way she approaches her role as a facilitator for a client's wellness.

Pauline is a gifted channel and integrator of complex thoughts and energy. Through her synthesis of many dimensions of healing, she offers a unique perspective on life. She views all of life as a quest for sacredness. Pauline has invested many years in the study and experience of different disciplines. She holds an inner knowing of the human energy field, the patterns of creation and destruction of illness, and the accessing of a higher plane of understanding.

Pauline and Deb together provide a unique combination of energy to move through life's lessons and opportunities at an accelerated pace from a place of ease. Their combined experiences and willingness to serve provide a doorway into some of the most profound places of change. Together they have founded Vanati, a Center for Energy Medicine. Vanati offers classes, healing sessions and energy programs to assist you in reaching your highest potential and living a life of joy and ease.

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