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"Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE) is living a life of peace- peace that emerges as participants expand into their larger selves in a fully supported fashion. Life changes from here- it becomes the expression of your Soul - in family, in life work, in how the personality itself is supported to live a life of joy. The transformation for students that occurs during the first weekend of study still leaves me in awe." - Deb Schnitta, originator of CE

"When I give a session to a client, it’s the most amazing feeling I could ever imagine.  It’s not like anything I’ve ever done in my life. I’m blown away by the comments I hear from people that are on my table and it always makes me want to contribute more." PP

"I am now more patient, compassionate, serene and less judgmental, critical. I am better at giving up the attachment to the outcome." LO

"CE has literally opened a doorway for me into a whole new universe of experience, one where old patterns and stuck places transform with effortless ease. The first weekend, I asked myself 'can I really allow things to be this easy?' Upon completion of the course, I am finding that indeed I can.

During the CE course, I experienced a shift in how I normally perceive my self and my experience. My personality, which normally is front and center, in the driver's seat, so to speak, slowly began to recede to the background and trade places in a sense with a much larger, vaster, deeper part of myself, which came to the fore. This blending connected me with a still, peaceful, grounded, expanded state. From this connection, my entire life has begun to transform.

As one example, a long-held pattern of anxiety is releasing, dissolving with incredible ease apart from any discernable effort on my part. My personality is now enjoying being 'along for the ride' rather than white-knuckling it while trying to be in control in the 'driver's seat.'  Life is infinitely more interesting and less stressful this way, and much more fun!" - A Happy Practitioner

"I just wanted to take a minute of your time to tell you that last week has been quite an experience for me.  I'm not one to venture out and leave my comfort zone, but I'm glad I did.  My natural tendency in a classroom setting is to zone out.   In your class that never happened.  Not once was I ever bored or wanted the day to come to a close.  You are an EXCELLENT teacher, and I loved all of your stories.
You teach in such a way that is VERY entertaining, but at the same time you are always in total control of the entire room, creating a very safe place for everyone.  I was in awe that never once did you stumble when anyone asked you a question.  You immediately knew the answer. All of the things that I silently in my head wondered about, you answered (without my having to ask).  The whole concept of cellular expansion is difficult for me to grasp, and as I rule I would have given up on it thinking I would never be able to do this.

I’m so glad I took the chance!  I'm very grateful to you for the experience." Diane A

"Since the first weekend of class, I am indeed going through an intense transformation, as my system has opened to a stream of energy of great proportion in the recent months. I receive it as a blessing, as it is, and feel ready to learn how to serve as a conduit for this energy to find its way into the world. I am aware this is my mission (as I have always been), but now I am learning more about the scope and depth of this mission, for which I am grateful. Being part of the Vanati family and the Cellular grid is the very best thing that could have happened to me. This has strengthened my system, so that I can work as a better vessel, and has given me many tools to serve as an intermediary between energy and the physical realm. Most of all, it has given me the place I now call home. I am looking forward to participating in another program at Vanati."  A.S.

"I have always been a controlling person trying to effect outcomes that are impossible and make everything turn out the way I want. I was able to let go of this need bit by bit and live a more accepting, patient, fearless life. My family has noticed the change because I no longer overreact to problems or setbacks, rather treating them as challenges and learning experiences. I know that I will always be evolving and changing and look for new opportunities to do so. Cellular Expansion has allowed for transformation of fear (I can now enjoy travel by air!) and anger (being able to let go of ancient baggage). I have connected with my soul and true essence of who I am which allows me to live a more peaceful life with no need for drama. I truly like and love myself for the first time!" - L.R. legal advocate against domestic violence

"Almost 8 months ago, I began to experience rotator cuff problems in my right shoulder. About six weeks ago, it became painful enough that I could no longer sleep on my right side. I would often turn in my sleep and be awakened by the pain. Earlier this week I was listening to a Cellular Expansion class CD for the third time. I was quite awake and conscious of the words as I was working in the kitchen. When it came to the part in the CD which asks us for an area where we would like to effect change, I chose the rotator cuff. All this while walking around cleaning!

That night I found myself sleeping on the right side with no pain. In some disbelief, I decided I had the wrong shoulder and it must be my left rotator cuff that was my problem. But it wasn't, it was the right and for two nights I am free of pain and though there is some soreness still there, the change is drastic.

I would have to think of this as instant transformation!" – I.M., author/teacher/CE practitioner

"Since beginning my studies of CE with Vanati, my whole world has transformed. It has expanded my understanding of consciousness, healing and connection with Spirit. As a physical therapist, the healing energies of Cellular Expansion have greatly enhanced the treatment sessions with my clients. They feel better, faster. It is truly an honor to be able to offer this modality to others to assist in their healing process. I am grateful to have such wonderful teachers as Deb Schnitta and Mikala to guide me along my pathway of evolution." - Tina K. Wettengel, MPT, ATC Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer

"The entire course of study has in fact provided a path to enlightenment and has proven to be pivotal in my search for connection (filling that place of longing and emptiness inside). As the person on the table receiving a session from one of my fellow students, there was a time when there was nothing in the room – I could not discern my physical body, the other students, the table – there was only Love. In fact, at that moment, I knew that Love was all there is, and I also knew that I was experiencing the pure essence of God." - Wynne Brown, MD

"Class was so much more than I could have ever imagined. Just when I thought that it could not amaze me anymore, it did that and so much more. It has not only changed my work as a practitioner, but it has changed my life helping me to move through past issues and grow into more of the person I was reaching for. And, it’s amazing how much I feel non-separation between myself and the client when I do the work." - N.R., Massage therapist and Reiki Master