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Guided Meditation, Guided Imagery and Meditation CDs are all wonderful approaches to meditation and healing.

However, Healing Energy Programs use cellular energy to assist the processes of deepening, relaxation and expansion creates direct access to the aspect of consciousness within you that knows how to align with the Divine.

The Vanati energy programs use a unique combination of Cellular Expansion and Healing energy as well as the energy of whatever topic you have chosen. In this way, your cells are supported to create the deepest level of transformation. There is simply nothing else like it!

"Using these energy programs has created an instant connection with myself, up through the higher self, Soul, God and beyond." -J. Carp, CA

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MP3 Trust and SurrenderMP3 Trust and SurrenderTrust is needed in all areas of life, to bring them to their highest evolution. If you seek support for your spiritual development, healing, and life change, then trust is required. A foundation of trust enables the system to surrender deeply to the Soul and to Higher Wisdom. With trust comes ease and alignment with Purpose.
Cellular Expansion & HealingCellular Expansion & HealingCellular Expansion and Healing, a revolutionary aspect of energy medicine promotes unwinding held consciousness in the cells that inhibits ease and health. Useful for supporting daily life as a place of creation, learning how to use energy consciously as well as providing access to the cells for healing and rejuvenation.
Spiritual EvolutionSpiritual EvolutionPart of the path of enlightenment, Spiritual Evolution teaches the personality to be supple enough to allow the impulses of the Soul to be felt and honored as well as the creative nature of the Soul to be received and cultivated. We each have come here as Souls to participate. This set furthers the exploration and birthing of that process. It also supports the evolution of your Soul in the resolution of karma, adding more radiance to your Soul and supporting deep levels of Soul work.
Opening the Heart: Moving into Higher EnergiesOpening the Heart: Moving into Higher EnergiesAn open heart is the doorway to the Divine. There is no limit to your potential and what you may explore. It is required for creating, manifesting and spiritual development. As the heart opens, the personality comes less from defense, aligning with deeper purpose and greater capacity for spiritual energy to emerge. This expanded state of consciousness may be integrated into daily life, allowing for an even deeper exploration of the higher energies of transformation and enlightenment.
Relationship with a Light Being - Union of Soul and SpiritRelationship with a Light Being - Union of Soul and SpiritFor those interested in having conscious connection with a guide or teacher, a high guide of light. AS personalities, we have learned about relationships through our parents, our children and other intimate relations. As we seek to connect with higher consciousness, we project these beliefs and unresolved issues. This creates a barrier to conscious connection.