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MP3 Trust and Surrender

MP3 Trust and Surrender

MP3 Trust and Surrender
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Trust is needed in all areas of life, to bring them to their highest evolution. If you seek support for your spiritual development, healing, and life change, then trust is required. A foundation of trust enables the system to surrender deeply to the Soul and to Higher Wisdom. With trust comes ease and alignment with Purpose.

Feeling ‘stuck” is often the absence of trust. The absence of trust is the moment of separation, where the forward movement of creation stops. Fear, anxiety and depression can all arise in this separation. When creating in partnership with Spirit, the capacity to trust and open allows for the deepest expression of who you are to emerge.

Past experiences of not trust are transformed. From this new liberation, you create the life that matches where you are now, not your past. You open to your deepest potential, with ease.

This Energy Healing Program is suitable for all people and enhances life to be one of ease. It complements all the other Vanati offerings. Recommended Companions: Opening to What is Next, Receiving the Energy of Connection, and Extending Connection to an Area of Your Life.
One Mp3 meditation Energy Healing Program with energy transmission
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