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Cellular Healing and Spiritual Development

Imagine being part of a cutting-edge training of passionate individuals committed to their own and humanity's evolution.

Imagine opening easily to the fullness of your potential and learning how to realize that potential in yourself and make it manifest in the world.

Imagine supporting this awakening for others, those that you are here to serve.

Over 5 months, you will learn how to:

  • Choose Expansion in the moment that adds to your growing presence
  • Move past an awakened moment and create the awakened state in all you do
  • Realize your choices moment by moment
  • Access tools to engage with your choices now…open to the fullness of each creation in the moment.
  • Live as your unlimited potential now

You will no longer create from maybe, or I wish…but you will know what is possible and how to get there.

You will move beyond the waking reality into expanded consciousness that BECOMES your waking reality.

You will learn what it really means to consciously evolve your own consciousness, not just in theory, but by using the tools and expanded states of being you are taught in class.

You will move past obstacles that have stopped you on the path. And, with ease, you will transform them so that you will never be caught in the same cycle of creation and unconsciousness again.

Cellular Expansion was created to support the evolution of your unlimited nature to emerge, in an accelerated process that creates great change and healing for all of humanity.

From Deb Schnitta, the originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing:

Many years ago when Mikala first told me she wanted to teach me a new form of bodywork and awakening I asked why?

She responded: Because suffering is no longer necessary.

The implications and understanding of this are profound.

The human condition learns through trial and error. It learns to separate as part of its development, of forming an ego and personality.  In this way it must “forget” its connection to the larger consciousness that it is.

As this same personality learns to open back to its original state of spirit all the limiting aspects of creation also have the opportunity to transform and no longer exert influence on the choices and creations that are made.

Suffering, or separation, is part of how the ego is formed. It is not how the individual must live now.

To come back into alignment with its true nature, the personality requires openings, or spiritual awakenings. These awakenings serve to remind the personality that there is more to “it”, that there is a higher purpose for us all, and that the awakened state leads to the remembering of this.

The personality goes through several recognizable stages in the process of awakening. Cellular Expansion and Healing accelerates this and allows not for just an awakened experience that is then lost, but for living life from the awakened state.

To move into “being” versus “doing” is one of the recognizable states of awakening.  All life, all actions taken from expansion, yields great love and compassion. From here the natural progression is to live life more fully as your awakened Self.

The changes in students are both recognizable and reproducible, giving way to a new way of being, one of expansion and unlimited potential.

Learning as a personality partner to choose ease and expansion over efforting and lack is part of the process of evolution that humanity is exploring. Creating from here invites in the larger you, the unlimited aspects of the Universe that you are part of, and teaches you how to step into your full potential.

Cells hold the imprint of our potential-our unlimited expressions of the Universe that we all share. Unlocking that potential is the greatest gift you can offer yourself and humanity, now. ~ Mikala

Cellular Expansion was created to support the evolution of your unlimited nature to emerge in an accelerated process that creates great change and healing for all of humanity.

Vanati Energy Healing School - Cellular Expansion and Healing Practitioner Training Program

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Course Description
A dynamic offering of energy medicine that moves beyond the limitation of the mind, this training is for anyone seeking to connect with their true purpose and to live consciously from expanded consciousness in all areas of life.  Graduates are able to support others in their quest for healing, work with their own health/life issues, and exponentially shift consciousness in daily life events moving along the continuum of enlightenment.

Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE)
CE is a form of hands-on energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells. The relief of constrictions allows for physical, emotional and mental healing at the root cause and supports living a life of joy. Learn More About Cellular Expansion and Healing >>>

Using the subtle energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing, students learn how to extend this healing energy to others while becoming aware of their own larger consciousness and life work. CE supports the unfolding of our deepest spiritual nature, our greater consciousness as an active aspect in our daily lives.

Recognized as the energy medicine of the future, CE opens the door for each student to reach his or her capacity in this life, regardless of interests and previous training.

From a deep place of support, cells transform, promoting health and lasting change in how you live life. Expansion creates the path of awakening in your cells that supports movement out into the world of your deepest wisdom and essence

Students are often amazed at the profound evolutionary transformation that occurs in the first weekend of study. The phrase, “I have never experienced anything like this” from the most seasoned students of healing and consciousness is the most common feedback.

CE is a doorway of exploration for how matter and light interact. Consciousness, old beliefs, thoughts, impressions and areas that represent our orientation to the world are all held within the matter of our tissues, bones and cells. Through accessing this consciousness with the stable and receptive light of Cellular Expansion balance can be achieved.

Each time you offer this possibility to the cells, a profound doorway of transformation exists. Old patterns of not enough, separation and lack are all nourished and acknowledged as part of the history that was present. In addition to resolving past hurts and limitations, this energy supports the unfolding of our deepest spiritual nature, our greater consciousness as an active aspect of our daily lives. In this way growth becomes evolution.

Cellular Expansion and Healing is a part of Energy Medicine that is inclusive and complementary to other modalities. CE supports healing for those working with arthritis, cancer, Parkinson’s, learning disabilities, ADHD, depression and life issues that affect relationship, job, happiness and much more.

The ideal student will desire to:

  • Effect change and growth in a supportive environment
  • Deepen the mind / body connection at a cellular level
  • Explore profound transformative states of healing on all levels
  • Seek to move beyond the limitations of the mind 
  • Live as their unlimited potential
  • Discover enlightenment and connection to Source, Oneness, Spirituality

By participating in the Cellular Expansion and Healing course, the student will learn to:

  • Consciously connect with your unlimited Self
  • Communicate directly with the cells
  • Facilitate change at a cellular level for yourself and others
  • Surrender to a deep space of connection
  • Explore consciousness in new ways
  • Apply the principles of resonance and expansion to your everyday life

Course Outline
Through hands-on bodywork trades, guided meditation, partner exercises and question and answer sessions students are supported in unwinding aspects of the personality and discovering their true essence. Class meets for two long weekends but occurs over a five-month period to allow for deeper integration and exploration of the energy and concepts. Daily transmissions from the instructors support this process between class in addition to homework assignments.Students are immersed in an accelerated process of personal and spiritual growth during this time.

Cellular Expansion and Healing - Course Outline
1. CE and the Principles of Physics and Resonance
2. Energy – The Basic Unit of Life and Consciousness
3. Cells Resonating at the Highest Level Possible
4. Constricted Cells Do Not Resonate Clearly
5. Delivering Energy Where It Is Needed
6. Support for Personal Development and Growth
7. Learning to Let Go of Past Traumas
8. Embracing New Ways to Live
9. Stop Holding Yourself Back
10. Expansion and Aliveness

Upcoming Course Dates:
TBA - Due to COVID, in-person classes are on hold until the Summer of 2023 at the earliest. To join the waitlist for updates, email us here vanati@vanati.com

NOTE: Attendance at BOTH weekends is required.

10AM-6 PM ( Ending time is approximate)

Due to the deeply transformative nature of this program, students are encouraged to create a retreat like setting for yourself during class, with minimal evening commitments.

Tuition: All Tuition is Processed online via our secure website.
$1200 for the five month course plus $200 for class materials for $1400 total. Returning students pay $1200 total.
Payment is divided as follows:
Deposit of $350 ($150 for repeat students) due before class begins.
The remaining $1050 is divided into two additional tuition payments of $525.  Each $525 tuition payment will be due two weeks prior to each class weekend.  Tuition payments will be made through a link sent by email approximately one month prior to each class weekend. 
**For international students**  Tuition and any other course related fees (such as for additional products) must be made with US currency or credit card.

Location: TBA

For this class, you will need:

  • Bodywork Table (if able to bring)
  • Pillows and Blankets
  • Pen and Notebook
  • Water and Snacks
  • Chairs for Meditation ( Optional) Students often prefer beach-type reclining lounge chairs. Straight back chairs are provided.

Please dress comfortably and in layers, as the teaching space may feel cool to some. Create a retreat-like setting for yourself with water and snacks.

Please do not wear any perfume, cologne, essential oil, fragrant lotion, or any other type of fragrance in order to respect those who may have allergies. Thank you for your support.

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