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Soul Connection Book Release


If You are Soul Searching, Soul Connection: Opening to the Source of Creation by Deb Schnitta is the Book to Guide Your Journey

“We are all unlimited potential here to create…”

Pittsburgh, PA – June 5, 2009 –  Deb Schnitta’s newest book, Soul Connection: Opening to the Source of Creation, offers a road map to follow as you venture along the path of spiritual enlightenment, seeking to transform boundaries and reach your full potential. More than a book for the mind, Soul Connection uses healing energy to open doorways of exploration to create  your deepest Soul connection, and from here, live your best life.

This revolutionary book encompasses healing Energy Program meditations that include a transmission of energy to awaken your spirituality and open to your Soul even more. Following each Energy Program meditation, is an Integrative Exercise to reflect upon the chapter’s readings and visualize the power of positives changes, bringing the energy and deeper Soul connection into daily life.

In Soul Connection: Opening to the Source of Creation, Deb paints a picture for the reader, encouraging the mind and body to embrace the inner Soul that is alive and waiting within us all. From here life changes, with the richness of Soul connection laying the foundation for living life consciously, aware of your greatest potential.

Forming the connection with the Soul is not about finding your Soul, it is about being who you truly are. The Soul is right there inside of you all of the time, and Soul Connection: Opening to the Source of Creation teaches how to open your heart and become consciously aware of your Soul’s existence, regardless of your current level of Soul connection.
“It is my deepest belief that we are all unlimited potential here to create,” said Deb Schnitta, author of Soul Connection and founder of Vanati, “we are all capable of extraordinary accomplishments. Being present and connected with your Soul is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy spiritual well being and one of the greatest gifts to humanity.”

Soul Connection: Opening to the Source of Creation is the ideal book for individuals who are just beginning their Soul journey and aspiring for self-growth, as well as those who currently live their Soul purpose and are seeking to deepen their inner connection to continue living a life of joy and abundance, free from limitations, negativity and self-doubt. Advanced students of spirituality and consciousness will find a profound opportunity for exponential spiritual evolution.

Deb Schnitta is an accomplished author, and the Founder and CEO of Vanati, a health and wellness company in Pittsburgh, PA. Deb is the originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing, a form of hands-on energy work and spiritual development. Cellular Expansion and Healing supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells, allowing for physical, emotional and mental healing at the root cause and supports living a life of joy and unlimited potential. Deb also has a full line of Healing Energy Programs that have revolutionized the field of guided meditation. Visit www.vanati.com/deb-schnitta to learn more about Deb’s journey.

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"I was changed reading this book, truly transformed. I already "knew" my Soul, had felt connection and trusted its presence. As I read this incredible book, I became my Soul.
My life is different now. I have deep peace, renewed purpose in my life, and more easily approach the world as my larger consciousness." – Denise Petrie, Yoga instructor

This book is for anyone who cares about being their true self, unlimited and powerful in all they do.” - B.Goldstein, psychologist


About Vanati
Owned and operated by Deb Schnitta and Pauline Dishler, Vanati is a Pittsburgh-based health and wellness company in Highland Park dedicated to helping individuals live to their fullest potential. Vanati offers healing energy programs, guided meditation CDs, books, Cellular Expansion and Healing, courses on energy healing, long distance healing, Intention daily affirmations program, and much more.