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MP3 Downloads- Energy healing and transmission while you listen
Meditation downloads that support healing, Soul connection, manifesting, and spiritual development. Using energy that is offered to accelerate the evolution of humanity, the Vanati Energy Healing Programs accelerate your spiritual development and healing with ease. Each program uses the revolutionary energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing to create profound openings and transformation.

Care has been taken to support you exactly where you are right now, and when you reach the next step on your path, the energy of these programs opens the next doorway before you. Like you, they are never ending and expanding.

Beyond meditation, the energy consciousness held in these recordings responds to your energy system, bathes it, nourishes and feeds it and yes, transforms it. These energy programs were created to allow for ongoing evolution of humanity, to provide a framework for enlightenment and to create a pathway of growth that moves beyond the duality of the mind. By being held in the energy in this way, your consciousness expands, releasing fear, outdated thoughts, and opens to your Soul’s light. You become more light filled and alive.

The same high quality as our Energy Healing Programs on CD that have supported people in their quest for living the life they desire NOW - immediately available to you as MP3!

“It is actually possible to receive energy through a CD ... this is amazing. I feel so relaxed, renewed and reconnected each time I listen to it. This is the first CD of many more for me. I can't wait to see what the next one has to offer.”
Written by Jill on 2010-09-14

The most frequent question we get…Where do I start?
To help this Vanati has created a package that is suitable for all issues, all desires, and all levels of spiritual development. Whether you are new to meditation, or use our revolutionary Programs every day as a way to accelerate and support your life, these four offerings will open healing and transformation in deep and lasting ways. People are often amazed at how deep the changes and yet how soft and respectful the energy is!

Listen every day. Choose the one Meditation Energy Healing Program that draws you then rotate through the series. Or start with one, listen for a few days and then move onto the next.   

And if you just want to try one, you can always come back for the others later!

As unique as you are is how unique these energy programs are…listen in the morning to start your day, at lunch when you need a break and want to reconnect to your largeness with ease, all the while being fully supported to create in higher ways.  And yes, you can even listen before bed…we hear they are a great remedy for insomnia!!

The download link for your MP3 will be provided on the receipt page provided once you submit your order.  

So start here.  Use all four MP3 s listed below.
Open to Your Potential; receive support, love and guidance. Learn to trust and surrender as easily as taking a breath. And with grace and ease, open to what is next in your life, in your creations.


MP3 Trust and Surrender

Trust is needed in all areas of life, to bring them to their highest evolution. If you seek support for your spiritual development, healing, and life change, then trust is     required. A foundation of trust enables the system to surrender deeply to the Soul and to Higher Wisdom. With trust comes ease and alignment with Purpose.

Feeling ‘stuck” is often the absence of trust. The absence of trust is the moment of separation, where the forward movement of creation stops. Fear, anxiety and depression can all arise in this separation. When creating in partnership with Spirit, the capacity to trust and open allows for the deepest expression of who you are to emerge.

Past experiences of not trust are transformed. From this new liberation, you create the life that matches where you are now, not your past. You open to your deepest potential, with ease.

This Energy Healing Program is suitable for all people and enhances life to be one of ease. It complements all the other Vanati offerings. Recommended Companions: Opening to What is Next, Receiving the Energy of Connection, and Extending Connection to an Area of Your Life   . Click here to purchase Trust and Surrender


MP3 Opening to What is Next

 Learn to create through following the energy of aliveness. Whether you seek support for a specific project/relationship, opening to your Life Work and Purpose or simply opening to the next depth of your being, learning to open in this way is key. 

You, the personality, feel something is next…you know it…you just don’t know what it is…

And when the mind doesn’t know, it stops. And in that pause the mind can fill in some of the details (no one likes an idle mind, right?). But the mind uses only what it knows, from the past, from its concerns and from its perceptions. 

What if your mind could be the passenger on the exploration of the energy of what is next? The mind could breathe, take in and relax and allow your higher wisdom and your Soul to simply offer you exactly what you need. Partnership, that’s what it is all about.

And as you learn to open in this way the old constrictions of holding back get to breathe as well. These constrictions transform and create even more space in your system, more ease for opening and creating.

This Energy Healing Program is suitable for all people and enhances life to be one of ease. It complements all the other Vanati offerings. Recommended Companions: Trust and Surrender, Receiving the Energy of Connection, and Extending Connection to an Area of Your Life. 

Click here to purchase Opening to What is Next


MP3 Receiving the Energy of Connection  

 Our most frequently purchased CD now on MP3!

 As you open in the energy of Connection, you build a stable base with yourself on all levels. From deeper connection with emotions, to opening the heart, connection supports all areas of change. From here, connecting with your Soul or a guide is a natural progression.

Connection is the backbone for all change and healing. Whether you seek to know your purpose and would benefit from a deeper connection with your intuition or higher consciousness or are stressed by daily life and needing a consistent place of peace, the energy of connection offers a stable place rich source of energy. Your cells open and take in just what is needed, supporting the changes in the rate that is right for you. Because connection is an ongoing process where deeper and deeper levels are available, this cornerstone energy program supplements all of our energy programs.

Mikala has often said, “Connection is the most powerful energy we can offer at this time, with it there is no need for war.”

 Click here to purchase Receiving the Energy of Connection


MP3 Extending Connection to an Area of Your Life

The cousin and powerful complement to our most frequently purchased CD!

 Connection as taught in this series is a stable usable place of energy. It transcends the place of personality connection, such as the warmth in seeing an old dear friend, and moves into the higher energies of creation.

Through extending this energy to your goals and desires you are aligning the aspects of you that know this connection, that are able to hold this energy to an area that has not yet developed that skill. In this way you are helping yourself to evolve, as more parts of you are then able to create and live from this state of being and peace. Bringing connection into your daily life allows for the wisdom of your Soul and higher consciousness to be more present. Inspiration, support and guidance may all emerge from here.

Any area where there is lack is where connection is needed. Click here to purchase Extending Connection to an Area of Your Life