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Free Offerings

At Vanati, we are committed to helping individuals make the transformation to live life at their fullest potential. That is why we have created the Free Offerings page. Here you will find information about Free Distant Healing, Free Daily Intentions, Free MP3 Meditation Download, and our exclusive Free service, Ask Vanati. We invite you to use the free services as often as you need. To begin, you may select your free healing service by using the icons above, or read more about the free services below to find the one that is right for you.

Free Long Distance Healing
Our Free Distant Healing is offered every Monday. Free Distant Healing is available to provide access to healing energy for you, your family and anyone in need of physical or emotional healing. Distance Healing is a great modality for anyone seeking to live a life of abundance and inner peace. We welcome you to send your Intentions to us for the Monday night sessions.
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Free Daily Intentions Program
The Free Daily Intentions Program is a free daily affirmations email program provided by Vanati. Each morning, an Intention is delivered to your inbox, starting your day with inspiration and a positive outlook to enhance your personal growth and the development of your mind-body-soul connection.
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Free MP3 Meditation Download
Vanati offers a Free MP3 Meditation Download, entitled Connecting with Your Soul: Opening to Abundance. This revolutionary energy program is ideal for individuals who have never experienced meditation as well as the advanced meditator who is seeking to deepen their connection and advance their experience. This free 30-minute meditation download provides relaxation and rejuvenates the mind.
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Ask Vanati is a unique service provided by Vanati. We welcome questions about finding your soul mate, living a life of ease, creating a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you, letting go of stress and habits keeping you from awakening to your greatest potential, healing, spiritual enlightenment, and any other area of your life where you feel a need for guidance.
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Connecting with Your Soul: Opening to Abundance

FREE! Full Length (30 Minute) Energy Program MP3

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Whether this is your first time exploring the Vanati Healing Energy Programs or you regularly use them to open to your greatest capacity and live a life of purpose and Soul connection, this new release is for you!

Connecting with Your Soul: Opening to Abundance is a Free Full Length (30 minute) energy program created to help individuals connect deeply and easily with their Soul - regardless of their current connection. This healing energy program will provide a framework for opening to deeper capacity each time you listen.

Connecting with Your Soul supports living life from a place of expansion where abundance, joy and compassion are flows of energy. The Soul freely engages with these flows and knows already a life free from limitations. As we learn to connect consciously with the Soul as a partner in our daily lives we remember who we truly are and embrace our purpose. Life lived from here is one of ease, joy, abundance and love. Consciously connecting with the Soul is part of the path of enlightenment.

Using an energy transmission that offers supportive transformative energy directly to your cells, all the Vanati Energy Programs go beyond traditional meditation recordings. In this selection, you are supported to open deeply to your Soul and from there building infrastructure for abundance, a naturally occurring state of being for the Soul. This abundance can be in a variety of forms: love, money, health, and support, whatever areas of creation you desire.

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Is it really FREE?
Yep. Free. No money, no strings, no future anything.

Vanati has always been committed to supporting the transformative process of individuals seeking to live their purpose. We offer powerful tools to let go of the past and create in new ways. This free program is our gift to you, the Awakening being, who wants support in creating a life of joy, ease and abundance.

Imagine a world of cooperation free from fear where all people come from their highest place, the Soul. Imagine the creations that can be born from there. Imagine the children that can be raised from there. And imagine the new worlds that can be birthed from there. Because like you, we want to live that way...NOW.

Join us in connecting millions of awakening beings to a shared purpose of harmony and powerful co-creation.

I’m ready. What’s next?
To receive your free Energy Program, click on the link below to enter your information – no worries – we absolutely do not sell or rent your information to anyone!

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Download Instructions
An email will be sent to the address that you have provided that includes step by step instructions to assist you with the download process.

When you receive your email, click on the link for the free download. Enjoy the transformative energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing, Soul Connection and abundance, and creating the life you desire! To help with delivery of your Mp3 please take a moment and add our email addres vanati@vanati.com to your address book or list of trusted addresses. If you do not recieve our email please check your spam or bulk mail folders.Click on the email and then "not spam" feature. Different email providers may filter messages with attachments as a service to you.

Product Reviews

"The Connecting with Your Soul: Opening to Abundance Energy Program is a wonderful gift from Vanati for all those who listen! While listening  I was able to experience deep levels of relaxation and peace while learning how to view business from a different perspective. Since listening to the Energy Program I have experienced: more ease and flow in daily life, my business is busier than ever, and helpful individuals have been showing up at just the right time.  The abundance has seemingly happened without any additional effort on my part, and I have been able to sit back and trustfully watch as things continuously fall into place without struggle. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to find more ease and joy in their life!" - N.R.   

"This is so AMAZING! I have never heard anything like this and I have listened to many meditation programs. I felt so peaceful and relaxed AND felt the presence of my Soul in such a real way. I have tried many ways to connect with my Soul and have never quite felt like I "got it". Now I really do get that I am not alone. Thank you so much for such an amazing gift to us all!” -Evelyn, CA

Healing Energy Programs
Vanati offers a diverse selection of revolutionary energy programs that follow the principles of Quantum Physics – that everything in the Universe is made of energy and energetically connected. Through our energy programs, you will learn how to consciously apply energy to all aspects of your life – health, career, relationships, finance, and even living your higher purpose – from the comfort of your own home.

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Cellular Expansion and Healing™
All of Vanati’s energy programs go beyond traditional guided meditation CD’s to open a profound place of connection for those that desire to know their Soul even more fully than they do right now. Each energy program contains a transmission of Cellular Expansion and Healing™,  a distinct healing energy originated by Deb Schnitta of Vanati through her and her Soul’s teacher, Mikala.

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Connecting with Your Soul: Opening to Abundance is a Free Full Length (30 minute) energy program created to help individuals connect deeply and easily with their Soul - regardless of their current connection. This healing energy program will provide a framework for opening to deeper capacity each time you listen.

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