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Student Experiences

Opening to Divine Purpose: The Student Experience
Upon completion of the Opening to Divine Purpose graduate program, students have experienced an array of life enhancing changes. The following statements have been collected from our graduate students when asked how their life has been affected by the program. Here's what they had to say:

"I live from a space that integrates my energy self in my thoughts and actions. I live consciously."

"I am more expanded and I live living my life from this state."

"Less reactive in relationships, come from a more expanded, less personality, space."

"The foremost are a sense of confidence in who I am, more ease in life, and more peace in life."

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Conscious Creation: The Student Experience
After completing the Conscious Creation graduate program, students find themselves living a life of abundance and enlighenment, going beyond previous levels they had envisioned possible. The following testimonies have been collected from our graduates several months after completion of the program, allowing each to begin to fully explore their life advancements:

"Life seems lighter emotionally and physically. I live more in the moment. I am more aware and accepting of all of me. I am more confident, alive and aligned with my spirit/soul."

"I feel deeper spiritual and more balanced in my life with my family. I have a much better focus on what I need in a relationship (all relationships) and have changed. I let go so much more than ever."


"Stepping away from drama, deeper sense of connection to my own needs/wants, deeper sense of connection to my Soul and support from the universe, deeper levels of trust and surrender to ease, and exploration of a co creativity."

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