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MP3 Receiving the Energy of Connection

MP3 Receiving the Energy of Connection

MP3 Receiving the Energy of Connection
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As you open in the energy of Connection, you build a stable base with yourself on all levels. From deeper connection with emotions, to opening the heart, connection supports all areas of change. From here, connecting with your Soul or a guide is a natural progression.

Connection is the backbone for all change and healing. Whether you seek to know your purpose and would benefit from a deeper connection with your intuition or higher consciousness or are stressed by daily life and needing a consistent place of peace, the energy of connection offers a stable place rich source of energy. Your cells open and take in just what is needed, supporting the changes in the rate that is right for you. Because connection is an ongoing process where deeper and deeper levels are available, this cornerstone energy program supplements all of our energy programs.

Mikala has often said, “Connection is the most powerful energy we can offer at this time, with it there is no need for war.”

Please note:  This MP3 is currently unavailable for purchase online.  Please contact our office at vanati@vanati.com for further assistance.  Thank you.
One Mp3 meditation Energy Healing Program with energy transmission
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