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Transforming the Personality: Illuminating Your Essence

Transforming the Personality: Illuminating Your Essence

Transforming the Personality: Illuminating Your Essence
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Transforming the Personality allows for a softer, supple base to approach the world and those around you. It invites in the higher consciousness that is you and honors all of your gifts and contributions.

A personality that is supple has a place of ease and joy in interacting with others. There is a sense of center that is not easily swayed by the dramas or needs of others. This center gives rise to a greater base for your Soul and Greater Consciousness to connect and be supported by. From this place, a composite structure of light and consciousness is available to explore life and offer your Soul's essence out into the world.

When the personality is transforming constricted areas, it is supported and given just what is needed for the next part of the process of unfolding. Allowing becomes the focus rather than struggle and effort. A personality that is conscious allows for greater influence of the Soul's light in all aspects of creation.

We use the energy of Transformation to illuminate old patterns of constriction that prevent a fluid and supple approach to life. This source of light supports old structures melting away, much like molten lava merging with organic material. Transformation creates a great degree of openness. That openness may then be used to create whatever shifts or change is desired.

In this set we focus on transforming limiting beliefs, the energy of anger, issues of money and poverty consciousness as well as health and patterns of disease. The aspects of change that occur create the stage for an ever deepening relationship with your Soul and Greater Consciousness as well as a suppleness and ease with being in the world from this expanded state.

It is highly recommended to use as a companion Receiving the Energy of Connection and / or Extending Connection to an Area of your Life to support deeper awareness of the larger aspect of who you are. From here it is easiest to participate in the ongoing transformation that occurs with this program. When the personality deepens this connection there is more space for transformation to occur.

This Energy Program Includes 8 Meditations:
Transforming Patterns of Lack
Transforming Issues of Love
Transforming Anger
Moving through Layers of Consciousness
Exploring Surrender
Applying Transformation
Transforming Fear
Transforming Matter

Useful for:
Supporting the personality to reach its greatest capacity
Transforming issues of lack and patterns of being stuck without forward movement
Key for spiritual development
Living life not from defenses but from ease

A unique offering, this energy program complements all other energy programs that we offer.
This energy program includes eight (8) guided meditations with energy transmissions, transcripts of each meditation and additional written teachings to further assist the integration of these concepts in daily life.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 4 reviews: 5.0
I couldn't wait to get this set!I couldn't wait to get this set - and then I was blown away by how deeply I could go into past issues that were still bothering me. More importantly, I can't believe how gentle and easy all these life patterns changed. Written by Ansley on Fri 26 Sep 2008 5:20:16 PM GMT
A Valuable ToolThis tape set has been a valuable tool for me when I am seeing patterns showing up and I am unsure of how to release them. These patterns are usually what 'trip me up' when I am desiring to move forward, or creating changes in my life. Listening to this series one or two times can help me loosen up and let go with greater ease and much more awareness as to what I am doing to keep those patterns in play. I always have this set on hand, like a flashlight when the power goes out. Written by Renny Sherrow on Thu 25 Sep 2008 7:10:13 PM GMT
I love this Set!!I have my therapy clients use this set to shift things in their lives that they have often never had success with in the past-I am constantly amazed at how deep the transformation is. Written by Joni on Mon 4 Aug 2008 7:24:21 PM GMT
Roto-Router for the Personality!It cleaned out stuff I didn't know was left behind and let me open to who I really am-rather than all my defenses and protections. Written by Donald on Tue 29 Jul 2008 11:20:27 PM GMT
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