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MP3 Opening to What is Next

MP3 Opening to What is Next

MP3 Opening to What is Next
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Learn to create through following the energy of aliveness. Whether you seek support for a specific project/relationship, opening to your Life Work and Purpose or simply opening to the next depth of your being, learning to open in this way is key. 

You, the personality, feel something is next…you know it…you just don’t know what it is…

And when the mind doesn’t know, it stops. And in that pause the mind can fill in some of the details (no one likes an idle mind, right?). But the mind uses only what it knows, from the past, from its concerns and from its perceptions. 

What if your mind could be the passenger on the exploration of the energy of what is next? The mind could breathe, take in and relax and allow your higher wisdom and your Soul to simply offer you exactly what you need. Partnership, that’s what it is all about.

And as you learn to open in this way the old constrictions of holding back get to breathe as well. These constrictions transform and create even more space in your system, more ease for opening and creating.

This Energy Healing Program is suitable for all people and enhances life to be one of ease. It complements all the other Vanati offerings. Recommended Companions: Trust and Surrender, Receiving the Energy of Connection, and Extending Connection to an Area of Your Life.

Please Note:  This MP3 is currently unavailable for purchase online.  Please contact our office at vanati@vanati.com for further assistance.  Thank you.
One Mp3 meditation Energy Healing Program with energy transmission
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