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MP3 Exploring Transformation

MP3 Exploring Transformation

MP3 Exploring Transformation
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Transformation is a powerful energy that supports all life. Easily visible in nature it is the energy of new beginnings and easy release of what is no longer necessary. As transformation occurs energy that is present in the more dense or stuck areas is released. This energy is then available to create higher flow.

This program is designed to allow the student both mental awareness of the process of transformation as well as the energetic skills needed to merge with and transform what is currently present. In this way greater application is achieved. It allows for tremendous change to occur in areas where previously there may not have been much movement. Used in conjunction with Receiving the Energy of Connection as well as Extending Connection to an Area of your Life it is a profound tool for learning new ways of being in the world.

With each immersion the student learns how to access this energy and begin to make choice about how to deal with life issues not previously seen as malleable. As the transformation energy becomes more familiar, the student moves toward the awareness that all aspects of life are mutable and all situations and circumstances are powerful vehicles of creation with much useable energy available. Here concept has moved to action and the possibilities of creation are limitless.

Transforming limiting beliefs occurs regardless of the area of focus that you choose, as the suppleness of the mind is enhanced with this program. As the mind becomes more supple or open, there is a greater likelihood that surrender will occur with ease.

This program is an excellent choice if you have found yourself recreating patterns throughout your life or experiencing a state of feeling stuck with no forward movement. It is designed to support the novice and advanced practitioner in realizing their full potential in each life experience.

Useful For
Shifting old hurts and traumas from the past
Relieving Stress
Finding a new way to see an old situation
Moving past stuck places

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