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Creating with Intention: Building a Bridge to Higher Consciousness

by Deb Schnitta

Intention is a powerful tool to harness the mind and align with what you desire to create. It is frequently used to open to greater flow or input than one could create on their own.

When we use intention we are committing to the Universe to be our larger selves in the moment. We recognize that we are powerful beings of creation, and that we are able to draw to us that which we desire. Relying on Universal principles of Attraction, Intention assists us to connect more fully with what we desire.

Intention also serves to connect us to who we truly are, in the largest sense of the word.

When we move beyond the mind as our place of creation we open to the higher wisdom that is within. We call to us our larger selves and open to the possibility of creating from there.

Our higher selves do not need lack; they do not need separation, they do not need discomfort as a tool to learn. Rather they know peace, they know love, and they know abundance as a natural order of the Universe. Using intention supports building a bridge between our personality and our higher self. It is a useful tool in being that larger self in everyday life.

Through the process of aligning with an intention consciously we create the opportunity for our higher self to be the aspect of us that chooses what we draw to our lives. We begin to recognize even more deeply than we do already just how powerful we each are, just how much potential lies within. In doing this our personality recognizes that there is more than what it can bring to any given situation. It asks for help and chooses to open to this higher wisdom that exists within.

Intention then serves as a reminder to the personality that there is more. It also serves to remind us that we are fully supported in everything we do. We may have learned to go it alone, have worked hard to push through obstacles in the past or simply not taken the time to hear the deeper call from within. Intention as a litmus allows us to learn about how we align with our beliefs both consciously and unconsciously. It becomes a compass point to use as a tool to assess our inner alignment.

As our consciousness (thoughts, feelings, impressions and history) aligns within, our outer world begins to take shape in new ways. It responds to the resonance that emanates from this inner place of alignment. It may be as simple as setting the intention to create a day of harmony and ease and then noticing just how peaceful the day becomes.

Learning to set an intention is simple. Having the opportunity to do this daily is key to creating lasting opportunity to live outside the current perceptions of the mind and open to the larger world view of the higher self.

If we set our intention for abundance and find our minds lingering on thoughts of lack we have just been given a glimmer into how pervasive one aspect of our mind can be. Similarly, if we set this same intention and notice an awareness of excitement within we learn about the parts of us that are eager to explore this place, that seem ready to receive this abundance.

We are constantly creating our life. We create as expressions of our human capacity to be in the world and we create as our larger selves offering our gifts to the world. Often we create from a state of habit, from rotely moving through the world. We may forget we can do something differently; we may not yet have remembered who we truly are.

To create consciously is to make choice, choice about aspects of life that you desire to improve, that you would like to release, that you would like to offer to the world as your own service. When we create in this way we open to who we are and acknowledge the larger purpose in our lives.

Creating is expressing our light out into the world. It’s the call to the Universe to be of service, to ourselves our families and to the world. When we intend to do something we put our thoughts, our time and resources into action. If we follow through on that intention we take action. Each time we take action we are creating a greater pull within ourselves to create from our higher power. Each time we stop, we are merely pausing to learn more about ourselves in the circumstances we have created so far.

Intention offers an intimate view into how we see ourselves, how we hold ourselves and what we expect from the world around us. It offers us awareness that we might not have otherwise noticed. The more we align with intention the greater our capacity to grow. The more we learn about our selves, our beliefs, our fears, our impressions our dreams, the greater our connection to ourselves. It is from that deeper state of connection, connection with all the parts of us, that true purpose can emerge.

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