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Access expanded states of consciousness previously accessible with only years of meditation and advanced training!

Whether you seek:

  • Spiritual evolution
  • Personal healing
  • Creating a life of ease and joy
  • Supporting others in their quest to life their fullest life

Using energy that is offered to accelerate the evolution of humanity, the Vanati Energy Healing Programs accelerate your spiritual development and healing with ease.

Like you, our Energy Programs are never ending and expanding. Years of Energy Work go into each one of our programs--creating an alive, conscious format that responds to your changes as YOU need them.

When you reach the next step on your path, the energy of these programs opens the next doorway before you.

Beyond meditation, the energy consciousness held in these recordings responds to your energy system, bathes it, nourishes and feeds it, and yet, transforms it.

Our energy programs are created to:

  • Accelerate the evolution of humanity
  • Further enlightenment
  • Access an unlimited pathway of growth--beyond the duality of the mind

As you are held in the energy, your consciousness expands, releasing fear, outdated thoughts, and opens deeply to your Soul's light. You become more light-filled and alive.

Our Energy Healing Programs support all areas of your life. We highlight four get started now programs here:


Trust and Surrender
The one you have been waiting for--Experience the liberating expansion of trust!

Feeling 'stuck' is often the absence of trust. The absence of trust is the moment of separation, where the forward movement of creation stops. Fear, anxiety, and depression can all arise in this separation. Dissolve barriers to trust. Learn more.


Opening to What is Next
Easily create without limitations.

What if your mind could be the passenger on the exploration of the energy of what is next? The mind could breathe, take in, and relax and allow your higher wisdom and Soul to simply offer you exactly what you need. Partnership, that's what it is all about. Learn more.


Receiving the Energy of Connection
Experience the Fullness of your own Potential.

Connection is the backbone for all change and healing. As you open in the energy of Connection, you build a stable base with yourself on all levels. From deeper connection with emotions, to opening the heart, connection supports all areas of change. From here, connecting with your Soul or a guide is a natural progression. Learn more.


Extending Connection to an Area of Your Life
Send the light of Your Soul out into the world of your creations.

Link from the largeness that you are to an area of your life (relationship, health, life work and purpose) that is ready to be Soul infused. An excellent tool for manifesting. Learn more.


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These four life-changing Programs provide everything needed to move past limitations and open to the fullness of your capacity. Using loving, respectful energy to bypass the conscious and unconscious mind and impact your energy system, deep and lasting real changes occur.

Create the life you desire now--one rich with support and abundance!

Questions? Just ask our product specialist and we'll be happy to help propel you along your path of evolution! Ask our specialist.