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Healing at the Source
As the body begins to create illness, there is consciousness present. Often this consciousness is moving in the background, not fully present in your awareness or mind. Illness is created over a period of time, with a range of factors that contribute to its creation. Understanding the consciousness that was present as the illness was created releases the held patterns of energy within the body and begins the process of healing. This may occur in many ways. We use the energy of Cellular Expansion to support this process.

Cellular Expansion is a form of light that touches the cells directly. Rather than trying to make something happen, it offers space for the cells to step forward and reveal what is needed next in the healing process. It is peaceful and respectful. It honors that consciousness is alive and powerful. Aspects of unconsciousness, or areas that are not in your awareness, can frequently be small and subtle. Their presence, however, can distort the energy moving through your body and create webs or structures of energy that hold disease in place.

Through the energy of Cellular Expansion, your cells are bathed in a light transmission that invites these areas of unconsciousness to move to a higher frequency of vibration. This shift can be very healing and powerful since illness often exists at a denser frequency than health. Over time, as the body is restored to its ability to hold energy and exist in a state of balance, it too can move to a higher frequency. Supporting this shift allows the body to use its natural systems of order and healing to support the desired change.

Healing is not done to you. It is an active process of exploration that supports your learning in many ways. The learning may be simple or profound but it is your partner in this exploration. Often, as the consciousness of an illness is released, changes in how you live and view your life evolve as well.

Individuals have reported profound healing while using this program.

If you are interested in becoming a practitioner of this energy or would like to learn to work with your own health issues in a live seminar format, then visit our Course Offerings.

Available Healing Programs:

We often recommend as a companion to this program, Receiving the Energy of Connection. As healing occurs and the consciousness of an illness unwinds, it is often useful to form a deep, steady connection with yourself in order to support these changes. This would be connection as a personality with the world around you, as well as with your higher emanations, such as your Soul and Greater Consciousness. Receiving the Energy of Connection supports that process.