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Cellular Expansion and Healing - Space Holding Program

Cellular Expansion and Healing - Space Holding Program

Join us for the sacred process of supporting others in their spiritual unfolding and evolution.

Learning to hold space for others in this way allows you the glimpse of how the personality and Soul interact and support one another. It also provides a laboratory for you in your own evolution, to learn about the distinct aspects of consciousness that are you, and to consciously choose in the moment the place of orientation.

To be of service is part of the path of spiritual evolution. To be in service to others along the path of awakening is the highest service available. We are certain that your participation will change the way you view the world and enable you to be of service in even deeper ways.

To embody service is one of the ways the personality consciously invites in the light of the Soul and Greater Consciousness. Over our time together you will have many opportunities to witness not just the personalities and Souls of others, but your own connection and deepening relationship as well.

Class starts the moment you sign up. As you read this you are already being held by Deb and Mikala in the energy of the transformative process of Opening your Capacity to Hold More Light. Students are often amazed at the deep and profound ways that support and opening occur as soon as you sign up, or even begin thinking about it!

To Register: Complete the online registration form and pay the deposit.

Deposit: $150.00

Class Dates:  TBA 

Class Times: TBA two weeks prior to class, but students need to be available from 8am- 7pm on class days. Space Holding Students will meet prior to OR after class on each day (not both).

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