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Payment Plan

Embodying Your Soul Payment Plan

In order to support individuals attending the Cellular Expansion and Healing Graduate course: Embodying Your Soul, we have instituted a payment plan option. To participate under this plan you must provide a credit card or debit card to be used for each month's payment. Since this will be processed via Square, we now accept Visa, MC, Discover, American Express for the monthly payment. Your card will be charged monthly as noted below. You must also check this option on the registration form.  Please note:  this can be a different card from the one you use for your deposit.

The usual payment schedule is as follows: Deposit of $250.00 for all students is due on January 10, 2018.   Payments of $400.00 ($600 for Extension students) will be due 2 weeks prior to each class.

Under the payment plan option, the schedule is as follows:

The initial deposit of $250.00 AND registration form are due on January 10, 2018 (only MC or Visa is accepted on-line for the $250 deposit)

Subsequent payments are as follows:    

2018 Class:
                                                  Extension Class
January 20             172.00              252.00
February 20            164.00              244.00
March 20                164.00              244.00
April 20                  164.00              244.00
May 20                   164.00              244.00
June 20                  164.00              244.00
July 20                   164.00              244.00
August 20               164.00              244.00
September 20         164.00              244.00
October 20              164.00              244.00
TOTAL                $1648.00*        $2448.00*

*Please note that in the payment schedule option there is a forty-eight (48.00) dollar fee to cover a portion of bank fees and administrative costs incurred in the payment plan option. This is rolled into the payment schedule above.