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Ask Vanati

Finding Your Inner Connection
One of the streams of consciousness and energy that we have spent time birthing in a new way is the energy of Connection. Connection is present in all aspects of life, between human beings and plants, between animals and the ocean, between all life forms and extensions of consciousness. This energy has been studied in many traditions. We offer this particular form, which is stable and accessible, to provide a framework for the human personality to begin to heal its issues of separation.

Where there is lack, whether it is of time, money, love or safety, there is a place of separation or disconnection. Connection allows for the healing of unresolved issues from childhood as well as the stabilization of the personality for deeper connection with the Soul.

Moving into this state of energy in a conscious way allows for the transformation of old held patterns of density that exist wherever you have unresolved issues and a lack of joy in your life. Connection begins to bridge the awareness from the rational thinking mind to the expanded state of consciousness associated with the Soul and Greater Consciousness. It supports the evolution of the Soul while feeding and nourishing the areas of the personality that are ready to heal and transform.

Connection is the single most powerful form of light available on the planet at this time. It provides a web of interconnectedness for all life to move in a synchronistic fashion, supporting one another in evolution as you each transform and grow.

Available Connection Programs: